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How To Deal With Homesickness

How To Deal With Homesickenss

I once had someone tell me that they couldn’t go travelling the way I do, on my own for long periods of time, because they’d get homesick.

I was shocked.

For some reason this person assumed that I took to travelling like a duck to water. They had no clue what I really went through on every trip I took.

That’s the thing about blogging and social media, even back in the day when I wrote emails back home from my travels around Europe, the folks at home only get the glossy, short version of what happened. They don’t get the chance to fully grasp the full-on, sensory-overload experience.

So let’s get this straight right now.

I get homesick when I travel. And I love travelling.

In fact, I’d be willing to go out on a limb and say most people get homesick at some point on their travels. It’s totally normal. It’s totally ok. And more importantly, it doesn’t mean you can’t go travelling.

How To Deal With Homesickness

How To Deal With Homesickness

1. Embrace the emotion and go with it

If you need to have a good cry. Do it. If you need to call your Mum. Do it. If you need to walk for miles to find a tiny little foreign food outlet in order to purchase an overpriced bottle of HP Sauce. Do it.

2. Don’t let it stop you moving on.

Leading on from the first tip, try to plan something fun, exciting or relaxing to give your brain something distracting.

3. Remember why you are travelling

It’s not about ticking off a big list (and if it is you might be missing the point and missing out), it’s about experience. And with experience comes the rollercoaster of emotions of life. So keep in mind that it is all part of the experience.

4. Chat to a friend

Sometimes just letting it all out to a friend, whether it’s a new travel buddy or a bestie back home, is just what the doctor ordered.

5. Do not call home every single day

The more you cling to home the harder it will be. So whilst I recommend staying in touch, try to keep it less frequent and enjoy the moment more.

6. Get busy

Fill you mind with other things so you don’t have to time to get homesick, even if it’s simply reading a new book.

7. Do some star jumps

Seriously, stand up and get those arms and legs moving. Trust me, it’s my answer to everything.


Do you get homesick when you’re travelling?

What’s you top tip for dealing with it?