Mini Rugby Ball

Surprisingly Useful Things To Take Travelling

When talking about a packing list for travelling you get all the usual suspects. There are some general ideas as well as a few personal bits and bobs. Sometimes it’s memories of home that accompany our clothes, toiletries, technology and gadgets but here is short list of surprising things to take travelling and keep somewhere in your bag.

Most are small and can fit on you or in a small pocket. Though not obvious when to use them, you’ll find when you do need them, having them is a lot better than not and others will appreciate it too.

Surprisingly Useful Things To Take Travelling

6 Useful Things To Take Travelling


Led Lenser MT7

Imagine you are in your dorm room, along with 13 other people and you need to go to the loo. You need a torch, you can use your phone, your phone is out of battery, the option is to drop down onto a floor, not sure of what has been left there or turn the room light on and make no friends. Or perhaps you are a bit more adventurous and have decided to do some hitchhiking or go off the beaten track. Unbeaten tracks don’t always have street lighting and car may not see you as the sun goes down. A torch in both situations is a good companion.

I recommend the LED Lenser MT7, I use this all the time and it is sturdy and lightweight. Popular with the emergency services as it has survival functions like “SOS” and “Strobe” and a body that can be used to defend yourself if needed.

Tip: when you need to light an object, instead of directly lighting it, reflect the light off the wall or ceiling to diffuse the light and spread it more naturally.



Spiderco Firefly

I don’t mean the sword totting Wesley Snipes, nor do I mean a Liverpool shank. Something like a swiss army knife or a spydercro. You’d be surprised how often you need to cut something, open something or in my case, use it as a screwdriver to tighten or loosen things and in some cases, to eat with!

I had a cheap foldable knife with a blade no bigger than 3 inches. On my shopping list is a Spydercro Firefly as it is a well built, legal size, funky blade.

Just remember to put it in your hold luggage.

Wet wipes

Wet Wipes

Almost self explanatory but so many people get caught out without something when really need it. Wet wipes are great for cleaning hands, cleaning gear, cleaning in general, even as a makeshift shower! Always, always useful.


Mini Rugby Ball

Sometime you need to make friends and your chat just doesn’t do it. A rugby ball or football is a great way to quickly make some best buddies. A mini one will do. I prefer a rugby ball as if you a standing around on your own, you can play catch with yourself and not get bored. It’s also easier for both boys and girls to get involved and throwing is sometimes easier than kicking.

With the Rugby World Cup in 2015, it would be a really useful thing to have with you. It is easy to buy this when you are at your destination instead of in your luggage and you can go into most sports stores and ask them to inflate and deflate them for free saving space when you do move around.

Cable ties or String

Cable Ties

I used these cable ties so much I had to buy more. Tying gear together, attaching stuff to your bag, keeping things neat, keeping things secure, quick repair to a bag or as a makeshift set of handcuffs for the guy who’s birthday it is. It takes up next to no space and can be used in so many ways.

A lighter (even for a non-smoker)


I took a Zippo as I knew some tricks and could entertain myself if bored. It also served as a way of being involved when a group of people would all smoke and I didn’t. Also if doing any survivalist stuff, a source of fire is always useful. I did a camp in Noosa, Australia and managed to get the camp fire lit super quick thanks to my lighter being on hand.