Fish and Chips on the beach in Cornwall
Fish and Chips on the beach in Cornwall

What To Pack for Newquay

As we have been down to Newquay almost yearly for the past 10 years we have become quite adept at packing for our Newquay trips. I am quite the avid list-maker and spreadsheet-fan. So I love the travel planning side of travelling. Being prepared means not having to worry about missing items so you can focus on enjoying the trip.

Here is a quick run down of our Newquay packing list for those of you wondering what to pack for Newquay, Cornwall.

Newquay Packing List


Good quality walking shoes/boots

There are some fab walking trails (including the South West Coast Trail) around Newquay so we definitely recommend a sturdy pair of shoes to walk in.

Flip flops / Sliders / Sandals

Pack your preferred beach shoes.We like flip flops as they’re easy to enough to take off and walk barefoot as soon as we hit the sand.


Bikini, swimsuit, or trunks, whichever you prefer for days on the beach. 


If you are heading to Newquay to try surfing or watersports you will want to pack your wetsuits. And don’t forget your surf booties (wetsuit boots).

Beach cover-up / sarong

We like to have something easy to throw on over our cossies when heading up to the surf shop or the loos. 

Hoodie / Fleece / Jumper / Thick Cardigan

It can get quite chilly when the wind is out by the coast. So deffo worth having something warm to wear.


Depending on the time of year you are visiting Newquay it is a good idea to pack a sunhat or a wooly hat. Or even both. I’ve been in spring/summer and taken very early morning walks on the beach wearing a wooly hat.

Raincoat / anorak

It’s the west coast of England, that means you are much more likely to experience rain showers than anywhere else. So pack a raincoat or light anorak for the potential rain.

General clothes – warm weather and cold weather

And of course, pack your usual clothes for holiday. Even if you head out to Newquay in the summer, do still pack trousers, jeans, leggings, or something to cover up in. The weather can be very changeable so it’s good to have options. In general, we recommend layers when it comes to visiting Cornwall!

Fish and Chips on the beach in Cornwall
Fish and Chips on the beach in Cornwall



Ideally we should be wearing sunscreen daily anyway. But just in case, do pack a good quality sunscreen, especially when spending time on the beach or doing watersports.


Pack all your usual daily medication along with some generic painkillers, antihistamines, and plasters. We like a mini first aid kit to hand when going on beach days or hikes.




Whether you’re a fancy pants photographer like ourselves and need to take a DSLR for the epic shots, or you’re more of a low key adventure buff with your GoPro, don’t forget your camera to capture all your Newquay moments!


Of course, it is very easy to overlook the essentials, and these days we all need chargers for our tech. For us we need chargers for our phones, smartwatches, camera equipment, laptops, kindles, and more. It’s a pretty epic collection of leads in our suitcase.

Mawgan Porth near Newquay, Cornwall
Mawgan Porth near Newquay, Cornwall

For the beach

Tide Times

You can still get a paper booklet but you can easily download a tide times app to your phone such as Surfline.

Waterproof bags

If you are taking part in any water sports, or even for general walking or beach time, a good waterproof bag will keep all your belongings dry.

Waterproof body bag

A waterproof body bag is a small bag that you can keep you valuables in when surfing or paddleboarding.

Changing Robe

Changing robes are a great option for changing after time in the sea as well warming up after a cold dip.

Towels / Picnic Blanket

Pack some beach towels to dry off after time in the sea as well as something to sit on whilst enjoying the beach. We like to use a combination of beach towels and picnic blankets.

Windbreaker / Beach Tent

These beaches can get pretty windy so it can be worth bringing some winderbreakers. Plus a beach tent is a good option if you have young children so they can get some shade on the sunny days.


With such changeable weather we recommend an umbrella in case your anorak isn’t to hand. Plus, umbrellas provide great shade on the sunnier days.

Reusable Water Bottles

We tend to travel all over the UK with our resuable water bottles. The tap water is drinkable and it saves buying excess plastic bottles.

Watersport equipment

For the seasoned watersport buffs you will want to pack your surfboards, paddleboards, body boards, kayaks, or whatever other fun watersport equipment you own.

Other bits and bobs


If you get a rainy day and want to stay inside for a bit, we recommend bringing a few board games with you. There’s the ever popular UNO and Monopoly Deal which are ideal for taking up less space.

We also love a bit of Jenga for silly fun, and Ticket to Ride when we want a bit more strategy.

Books or Kindle

We love to absorb into a good book on our travels, so it’s worth stocking up on a couple of beach reads for your trip to Newquay.

Tote bags

Tote bags are great for carting around some of your daily bits but also ideal for when you want to go souvenir shopping in Newquay.

We hope you have a great stay in Newquay and that this list helps you out. This could also count as a what to pack for Cornwall list as well as much of the advice still stays the same for the county as a whole.

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