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Simple Travel Hacks To Always Be Prepared For The Worst

Travel Hacks to be prepared for the worst

As a seasoned traveller with over 13 years of solo adventures I have picked up a few travel hacks, or tips, that I always use on my travels abroad.

Just a little preparation and planning will totally help in case of an emergency. Or even just a bit of planning will help your trip be as enjoyable, and even cost-effective as possible.

Plan, plan, plan!

Travel Hacks To Be Prepared For The Worst

1. Buy a pay-as-you-go sim card in your destination country (we bought the AIS one when we were in Thailand). This will save you loads on roaming charges.

2. Connect with locals. Not only will you have an authentic insight and experience of your destination, but they might be helpful if things go wrong.

3. Install some travel apps such as Google Translate, Maps, WiFi Finder, Currency Conversion etc.

4. Buy insurance. It will save you loads of money in the long run if you need healthcare or emergency assistance while abroad.

5. Pack a small medical kit with basics such as plasters, anti-bacterial cream, bite cream, painkillers, etc.

6. Book travel with a transportation carrier that allows date changes.

7. Try housesitting or house swaps, again for a cheaper and authentic experience, plus you might meet the locals.

8. Use Google Maps offline feature on your smartphone. Save your destination and key places, before going offline.

9. Keep photocopies of passport, visas and credit cards in a safe place in your luggage.

10. Scan and email the above to yourself and next of kin.

11. Pack light, if possible just take carry on luggage.

12. Pack a small bag of washing powder for laundry on the road.

13. Make a note of your country’s embassy and phone number.

14.Keep an eye on the health advice for your destination.

15. Pack a spare wallet with emergency cash and spare credit card.

16. Email your itinerary to next of kin and arrange to check in with them on a regular basis.

17. Invest in an international driving permit.

18. Check if you need to obtain visas before entering your destination country.

19.Pack a stash of ziploc bags, useful for keeping belongings dry and separating small items.

What are you favourite travel hacks for being prepared for the worst?

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Travel Hacks to be prepared for the worst