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Awesome Wave is a travel blog by Elizabeth and Raj, a British couple who love to explore the world at home and abroad.

It started as a holiday romance in Thailand 12 years ago and led to a wedding in 2017.

Their relationship has revolved around travel, from wandering around Asia to road trips in the UK. They love nothing more than seeking out new places to enjoy.

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About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is a multi-award-winning lifestyle and travel blogger with 15 years of blogging under her belt!

When she is not cooking up her latest recipes at home she can be found plotting their next trip away. She loves spa breaks, cultural city breaks, and anything that involves sun, sea and a cocktail in hand!

She first embarked on a solo travel trip in 2003 when she wandered around Europe for a few months. She continued solo travel twice more around Southeast Asia before meeting Raj.

Elizabeth is interested in self-care and wellbeing as a focus of travel experiences. She loves nothing more than indulging in a spa day, wandering around a museum or getting to know a new culture. She is a huge photography fan, and loves taking photowalks in every new destination she visits.

Pop quiz

Favourite travel snack: Peanut M&Ms

Favourite country visited: Myanmar

Favourite city visited: Edinburgh

Favourite holiday activity: Relaxing in the spa

Favourite travel memory: Feeding the elephants at the rescue sanctuary

Dream destination: Bhutan

Motto: ‘It’s nice to be important, but more important to be nice’

Travel movie: Withnail and I

Travel must-have: Sarong (doubles as a pillow, blanket, cover-up, towel and more)

Celebrity crush: Tom Hiddleston

Guilty pleasure: Gardening programmes

Hobby: Cooking, gardening, yoga, photography, and entertaining

Cats or dogs? Cats

Tea or coffee? Both! But at the moment I’ll choose coffee, I’m feeling a little sleepy…

5* or hostel? 5*

Sun or snow? Sun

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About Raj

Raj is a business owner and accountant for creatives and small businesses. He loves helping bloggers and influencers grow their businesses by making smart financial choices.

When he’s not fiddling around with spreadsheets he can be found shooting arrows at his local archery club, or devouring the latest movie on Netflix.

Raj is a wanderer. Never wanting to do things the normal way or the “correct” way, he challenges his environment as well as himself. He finds comfort in pushing himself out of his comfort zone and loves to immerse himself in new experiences.

2010 took him to the well-trodden path from Australia to New Zealand to Southeast Asia where he found lust for adventure, and found a lady along the way!

He loves the UK, exploring from the moment he could drive and taking road trips whenever possible.

Raj has been struggling with a knee injury for the past couple of years and as such has a keen interest in accessible travel, along with a renewed interest in wellness and luxury locations.

Pop quiz

Favourite travel snack: Ramen Noodles or PB&J

Favourite country: Canada

Favourite city: Melbourne

Favourite adventure: Cycled the entire length of New Zealand

Dream destination: Everest

Motto: ‘Get lost’

Travel movie: The Pursuit of Happyness

Travel must-have: Sennheiser MM70s earphones

Celebrity crush: Rhona Mitra

Guilty pleasure: BBC Radio 4

Hobby: Archery

Cats or dogs? Cats

Tea or coffee? Tea

5* or hostel? 5* (but still partial to a tent every now and then)

Sun or snow? Sun and Snow

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