Best SD Card for Awesome Social Media and Blogging

Have you ever taken an awesome picture on your DLSR and wanted to put straight onto Instagram? Or wished your social media photos were better than what your little camera phone allows? How about just freeing up some space on your camera without a card reader or cable?

After much research last year I invested in a Wifi SD card – yes, an SD card for your camera that emits a Wifi signal. After looking at the several options on the market I came to 2 conclusions:

1. More people should be using these, and;

2. The Transcend Wifi SD card was the best one on the market.

After looking at offerings from Transcend,  Toshiba, Sandisk and Eye-Fi, I chose the Transcend due to its fair price and good track history.

I’ve used PNY and Sandisk before and unfortunately they have both let me down at times. The top end PNY cards are very good, but I was using a low end one.

Why use one?

The jist of a Wifi SD card is to allow Wifi access to the contents of the card using an app and a wifi signal that the card itself emits. Newer camera’s have Wifi built in and for these, there is little point of this card as it will do the same. This is for the devices that don’t have wifi already.

This means you can instantly grab a photo from your DSLR or fancy snappy snap camera and publish it on social media via your phone.

Picture it like this –

You take a picture on your DSLR

You want to share it Instagram “on the fly”

You connect to the camera’s wifi signal (emitted by the card itself)

You open the browser app

You see all your pictures that are on the card

You find the one you like

You download it to your phone

You open Instagram

You share!

That is exactly how it works.

Check it out in action.

It has completely changed the way we share photos and the quality of our content. It’s so easy and you know, just works!

You can also use the “Shoot & View” mode to directly connect you camera to your mobile device and see the pictures as they are taken.

I thoroughly recommend picking one up (you also get a free card reader which has been very useful).

Here’s a useful link but feel free to research what will work best for you, as you always should when buying new gear :-).