October Instagrams

I joined Instagram back in the early days. I think it was summer 2011? Initially I became addicted to the filters, the ability to share snapshots of my life and to nosey away at other people’s daily lives.

Instagram has come a long way since then. I feel it’s moved away from daily snapshots and more towards curated content. (Isn’t most of the internet these days?). But I’m still a huge fan of making Instagram friends, capturing daily snapshots, sharing images and generally being part of the Instagram community.

Each month we will do a round up of some of our favourite Instagram photos. It’s something I started doing over on Rosalilium back in 2011 and I thought it would be nice to bring back on Awesome Wave.

Here are a few of our October favourites.

matching shirts

tbt red hair

Birminghampastadessertstbt diggingMasala DosaDiwali Fireworkswords

This month was relatively quiet on the Instagram front (must sort that out!). We went for lunch with my not-so-little-brother and Raj accidentally ended up wearing a similar shirt (they seem to do that a lot). We celebrated Diwali with fireworks and Masala Dosa. We had a delicious slap-up meal with my parents. We went to Birmingham on business. And we shared a few #throwbackthursdays as well.

Are you Instagram? What do you think?

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