February Instagrams

February Instagrams

February really was a month of up and downs. We had a minor health emergency which required us hotfooting it to Bangkok as fast as possible to get to a doctor (all is ok now, so don’t worry Mothers!). We visited two Thai islands, popped in and out of the country to renew our visas and settled into life in Bangkok.

Phuket Sunset Time

Valentines DaySunset

We treated ourselves to one night at a luxury resort on Phuket. We weren’t fans of the island but this hotel was lovely. It places an emphasis on sustainability and animal welfare. The tortoises and rabbits were already on the land when they built the hotel so they looked after them and let them continue to live on the grounds at the hotel. They were awesome.

TortoisePool time

Sky Bar

Raj’s friend from uni came to Bangkok so we made it an excuse to dress up a little and head on up to the infamous Sky Bar to take it in view of this crazy city we currently call home.

chinese new year

We helped with the Chinese New Year celebrations and rituals at the Bed Station Hostel. It was great to learn more about this festival and we felt humbled to be able to take part, pray and offer gifts to the gods and guardians.


We discovered an awesome buffet in Bangkok. Raj is a huge fan of buffets, but me – not so much. However, this one (Oishi Grand) was AMAZING! For 800 baht (around £16) you can eat fresh sushi, sashimi, teppanyaki cooked to order, dim sum, pasta, soups, a selection of Western dishes (which we didn’t bother with) and to top it off? The dessert selection included Haagan Dazs ice cream. Hoorah! My favourite.

Bangkok Sunset

We have been taking photos of so many sunsets recently. They are probably my favourite thing to photography lately. As cliched as that might be. But I can’t get enough of the change colours and the anticipation of how each one might turn out.

I’m afraid I can’t make any apologies for the sheer number of sunsets currently appearing on my Instagram feed. They are just too rad.

I hope you do join me over on Instagram. I’ve been really pushing myself and my photography recently and I hope it is beginning to show.

Hope you had a great February and here’s to a fantastic March. A month that will see us fly back to the UK, then off to Qatar before spending a week in London. Hoorah!

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