Christmas in Thailand
We went to the temple at the top of nearby Doi Suthep on Christmas Day.

Christmas Gift Guide for Travellers

Tis the season to be jolly, a spend time with loved ones and generally show you care. Of course, you don’t need to buy gifts to show you care but there is a general seasonal protocol to the giving and receiving on gifts during the festive period.

I have always loved Christmas. The lights, decoration, amazing food, family getting together, music, board games and good ol’ gift exchange. I’ve spent many a happy hour wandering around the shops searching for the perfect gifts.

I am a big believer in quality of gift over quantity. I would much rather give someone a gift I know they’d really love that cost say £5 than just throw money at something generic. Likewise, I’d rather not receive anything at all (not sounding ungrateful, I just really don’t need more Stuff). Seriously, if you’re stuck just pop down to Poundland and pick me up a box of Toffifee, I’d be happy as larry.

As this is a travel blog and we’re living the life of nomads, I thought I’d be well placed to share some of my ideas for Christmas gifts for the travellers and travel-loving folk in your life.

Christmas Gifts for Travellers

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scratch map

Scratch map

I actually bought this map poster for Raj a couple of years. It’s rad! You can scratch off the countries you’ve visited in a lottery scratch-card kind of fashion. It’s a pretty great budget pressie or possibly a stocking filler.

Caribee Backpack with Wheels

Backpack with Wheels

I will do a full review soon, but I absolutely love my new wheelie backpack. The first time I came to Southeast Asia I found a couple of travelling friends with these and it made total sense. Unless you’re going off the beaten track, you don’t necessarily need a backpack the whole time. Why not save your back with wheels? You get the best of both worlds as it’s adaptable both ways. So if you need ideas for a ‘big’ gift for the special traveller in your life, I’d recommend this backpack with wheels.

Tiger Balm

Tiger Balm

This is probably my number 1 travel essential. I always get bitten and Tiger Balm instantly soothes the itching. It’s also useful for headaches, colds, congestion and muscle ache. For just a few quid it’s a great little stocking filler.

Acme Made Laptop Case

Laptop Case

Most folks travel with laptops these days, especially if they are travelling long-term or still working/blogging along the way. But if space is precious you want a laptop case that is lightweight as well as protective. I love this Acme Made sleeve. It’s super-light but feels slightly cushion-y and easy enough to fit into my backpack.

Cashmere Eye Mask

Cashmere Eye Mask

Eye masks are an essential when travelling. They keep the bright lights of dorm rooms, thin curtains and public transport out of your eyes and help you get some much needed shut-eye. This cashmere eye mask offers a little touch of luxury to a travellers collection of essentials.

World Map Wallpaper

World Map Wallpaper

Keep the travel lover in your life inspired with this gigantic world map wallpaper. I think it looks rather rad and could totally spend many an hour staring at all the locations I’d like to go to.

plug adaptor


Probably not the prettiest or most exciting of Christmas pressies but this multiplug would be one of the most useful things I could receive. Instead of carrying a bunch of different adaptors along the way you can have this one-stop-shop multiplug adaptor instead. It works in over 150 countries, has a usb port and can take two plugs at once. Useful!

Go Pro


Fast becoming the rugged travel camera of choice, the GoPro is small, durable and takes both photos and video. It’s ideal for bunging in your backpack and heading off on an adventure.



Raj has blogged about how useful his Buff is (no, that’s not a euphemism!) and we think they’d make an ideal Christmas gift for guys and girls. They work as headbands, scarfs, face cover-up (when the pollution is the cities get a bit much), bandana, hairband and more.



Chances are travellers are more interested in experiences than ‘stuff’. So they might appreciate some vouchers for an experience day, hotel stay, spa, or event. The most obvious ones that spring to mind are Red Letter Days, Groupon, Last Minute or Virgin Experiences. But I found some great deals over on BuyaGift, particularly this nifty Gothic Pod glamping offer in Yorkshire.

Are you a travel lover? What is your ideal gift this year?