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How To Do Christmas When Travelling

Christmas is different for everyone. For us it’s cold. It’s the type of Christmas songs are written about. Frosty and cold, where Santa is a big bearded chap donning a red suit led by reindeer around the world… we are adults…what?

This year, as well as being our first Christmas together without family, we are also not at home. We are in a place the direct opposite of what it is like at home. This year we are in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where it is hot, sunny and anything but miserable.

How to celebrate Christmas when travelling

Though, as we have found with other travellers, we actual miss the usual tidings of Christmas and on this Christmas Eve, it doesn’t quite feel like Christmas. So we decided to have a think about what was most important to us at Christmas time.

  • A Tree
  • Presents
  • Christmas Dinner
  • Family
  • Baileys
  • Biscuits
  • Christmas apparel
  • Board games
  • Religious Service

What can we do?

As it turns out these are mostly things we can still have here.

Maybe we can’t have a tree but we do have a front door to our new flat so we can get a wreath.

We can still give token presents to each other so not to increase the weight of our luggage too much. (Check out our post on Christmas gifts for travellers)

Dinner is a tough one, obviously eating isn’t an issue, but can you get Turkey, Roasties, Veg, Stuffing, Gravy, Cranberry Sauce and Pigs in Blankets without having a kitchen. Well the short answer is no, this is not easy. However another great tradition for us is a picnic and with our recent discovery of the Thai Waitrose (Rimping) and a small M&S we can gather some treats like cured meat and onion jam to have at least one Christmasy meal.

Family are at the end of a Skype call.

Baileys cost about £20

Biscuits are at M&S or a 7/11

We can buy 2 Santa hats from the Tesco Lotus (Tesco Extra) for 20p each

No Monopoly but we have cards.

Chiang Mai has a beautiful Buddhist temple atop the mountain at which the city lies at the base of so we can take a trip up there.

Christmas Bear Hug

How to do Christmas when Travelling

Looking at all of that, all in all, we can do something that resembles a homely Christmas. Our video and blog posts will follow, but until then, for everyone on their travels this Christmas time, Christmas is what you make it and we wish a very happy holiday.