20 Travel Tips for Men

20 Travel Tips for Men

Some of these I’ve had to learn the hard way, some not so hard and some just plain weird. Nevertheless, I pass these lessons and nuggets of advice to my fellow chap with well wishes and caution on your journeys. Here are my 20 Travel Tips for Men


Invest in a good toiletries bag – you will use this more than you expect. I recommend this Berghaus one. It folds out into 4 separate compartments.

Berghaus Washbag


Buy an all in one razor, shaver, trimmer. I recommend the Wilkinson Sword Quattro Precision


Wilkinsons Sword Quattro Precision


Take condoms from home and be extra safe – sometimes you can’t get the brands you trust and travelling is no time to take risks.


Baby wipes are not just for girls, or babies for that matter – they are one of the most useful things in your bag. They clean everything!


Do not assume your favourite hair products are out there. Even the normal brands like Vo5, Loreal, Fudge, Dax etc have different products in different countries.

VO5 Matt Clay


Go to the gym – I say this not for the beach body, but more the fact that you will be carrying your life on your back and the extra pushups will help you carry easier and the extra lost pounds will be forgiven by your feet.


Discover a facial cleaning regime – the different weather, activities, air etc can have a major impact on your skin. Buy a face wash and moisturiser as a minimum. Trust me, it is worth it. I recommend Loreal Men Expert Hydra Energetic


Loreal MenExpert Hydra Energetic Face Wash

Loreal Menexpert Hydra Energetic Daily Moisturiser


You’re not going to the army – the best advice I was given and ignored was “dress like you’re going for a city break with a bit of camping at the end”. Don’t go equipped for WWIII, pack to have fun and incase WWIII comes, you have a torch and a pen-knife.


Invest in some very good, unperfumed or minimal scent anti-perspirant. You will sweat, either from the heat, the activities or just lugging your backpack around. I recommend Dove Clean Comfort Stick. replaceing your dorm mates air conditioned air with Lynx Africa will, I assure you, gain your less than zero friends.

Dove Clean Comfort


Unless you’re travelling luxury, be careful wearing a lot of brands, it makes you a target to thieves, local and international.

Ralph Lauren


Take one smart outfit – you never know when you may need collars. I couldn’t go to the Skybar in Bangkok for lack of a shirt, or shoes, or trousers. Not next time.


Take waterproof flip flops – other than their use as flip flops, shared showers can get a bit grim, but flip flops help a lot. Guys are also more susceptible to Athlete’s foot and this is not nice. I recommend The North Face Demitasse.

Northface Sandals


Most rooms and bathrooms in hostels are pretty public places. They are not like your private room at home… think about that for a minute.


No matter how much of a “lad” you are, you will cry at least once. Be prepared.


Take a bandana with you in Asia – to cover your head in temples or cover your mouth in traffic. I have a Buff.


Invest in a watch, a discrete one. When you switch between time zones and go to bed and wake up at all hours, a watch is really useful and no man should be unable to provide the time. Relying on your phone will get you absolutely no where when you have no power socket up the side of a mountain. I recommend a G-Shock. This is the one I have and it is perfect. It’s a G7710. It can give you your local time, the time at home and the date all on one screen. You can also set it to show 3 different time zones and set several alarms. And it’s mega cheap, try ebay.

G- Shock G7710


When you can’t find something in your bag, look again, then again.


Lady boys are usually also incredible Muay Thai fighters. Take this advice very seriously, They have every right to beat the crap out of anyone who takes the mick out of them. They will likely be fitter and more athletic that you can ever wish.


If you’re a hairy dude and going to a hot country, consider a wax or use a good combined shampoo/bodywash. The sweat stays on your body and will irritate your skin potentially leading to a rash.


Take nail-cutters in your hold luggage. Often forgotten by guys, who aren’t used to wearing flip flops much. You’ll want to stay on top of this else you’ll be heading for a pedicure before you know it.

So there it is. A quick list of tips, cautions, preperations and products to take with you on your travels. I’d love to hear what you think is important for guys to know, take or do when away or just generally in life!

Happy travels.