10 Surprisingly Awesome Things About Bangkok

We arrived in Bangkok tired, jetlagged and super-excited to be back in a country we had enjoyed so much in the past. We had planned to spend at least 10 days in Bangkok, probably a lengthier time than most would spend in this sprawling, hectic concrete city. But we needed to stay put whilst we did work etc.

By spending a decent length of time in Bangkok we didn’t need rush and cram as many tourist-y and as such we were able to really see Bangkok in much more local level.

10 Surprisingly Awesome Things About Bangkok

10 Surprisingly Awesome Things About Bangkok

1. Bangkok is not its real name. Its actually a song. And is the longest place name in the world.

2. Bangkok is a city of extremes from designer shopping malls pumped full of freezing cold aircon and pristine shops to steamy roadside hawkers selling delicious street food.

3. There is so much to do in Bangkok, you could spend weeks here and not see it all.

4. You need to go to Chatuchak Market. Almost every other market in Southeast Asia has the exact same stuff but sourced from here. It’s much cheaper to go straight here.

5. There are loads of dessert and coffee shops springing up all over the place, and they have super hip decor inside.

6. Check out local listings for festivals and events, there is always something fun going on, from live music, dance and of course the Muay Thai – thai boxing matches at the stadium.

7. Go to the Jim Thompson House. So many travellers miss this one out but it’s a fantastic museum with a compulsory guided tour.

8. Despite being a concrete jungle there is some green! Visit Lumpini Park. In the cool season (Nov-Feb) it is the perfect time for Bangkok folk to get out and about in this gorgeous park. There are often free music recitals and even aerobics classes.

9. Every second shop is either a 7Eleven or a Massage Place. Both vital when spending time in Bangkok. For about £4 you can get an hour long foot massage, and they are amazing.

10. Bangkok used to be known as the ‘Venice of the East’ and was completely made up for canals. The locals used to live in houses on stilts and life was conducted on boats. The canals were eventually filled in and paved to make way for roads. There are still a few remaining that can be explored, although it’s worth making the day trip to the floating markets to get that taste of old Bangkok canal life.

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