Foodie Weekend in Porto

Weekend in Porto

A few weeks ago I went to Porto on a foodie and wine tour with the folks from AtWill Tours. It was a couple of days of food, wine, port, and wandering around this fantastic city.

I had no preconceptions whatsoever about Porto. I went with a fresh perspective and I loved it! A city full of food, culture, architecture, and of course, the home of delicious Port, a fortified wine that if you have yet to try, you need to get on it!

I’ve written up a full weekend guide over on The Travel Hack and below is a short two-minute video of my time there.

Watch the video above or head over to our Awesome Wave YouTube channel here.

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  1. Suzy mccullough

    We love Porto. My husband took me there a few years ago. It totally wasn’t what we were expecting. What a beautiful city. I love your video. I took me right back.


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