Elizabeth Sellers

Special Announcement: We are leaving the country

Special announcement time! 

Raj and I are leaving the country.


In 9 days time we will be boarding an Emirates flight for Bangkok where we intend to spend at least the next 4 months in Southeast Asia.


That’s the short version above. Now for the full story…

For the longest time we have both had itchy feet. We were not quite sure what for exactly but we felt the need to spread our wings a little. All of this year we have been researching, mulling, discussing and thinking about all of the possibilities.

You see, we are not really ones for the conventional path. We tried the 9-to-5 jobs, the rented house, the settling down a little… but we just weren’t happy. So over the past few years I have been working my hardest to establish my freelance business and get myself into a position where I can work location-independent. That is, as long as I’ve got a laptop and an internet connection I’ll be able to work.

Recently we came to the point where we realised that it was kind of now or never to take the leap and give this unconventional living a go. Essentially we will be ‘digital nomads’ a term I recently came across and realised “that’s me!”. If I can work, earn, see different parts of the world, meet interesting people, experience different cultures, and push my limits… then I’ll be happy as larry (whoever he is).

Travel has always been a part of my life and discovering everything the world has to offer has always been a motivating factor in all that I do (see this post for more).


And of course, Raj and I met travelling. We were in Chiang Mai, Thailand (that’s probably a story for another time) when we met and we’ve been to several countries together since. It’s an important part of our relationship, so we’re keen to spread our wings again.

So… we have packed up most of belongings, popped them into storage, started packing our bags and we will be flying out of the UK on Monday 17th November.


Of course, you can keep up with our adventures here on Awesome Wave, plus we plan to vlog every day on our Youtube channel. There will be plenty of fun fodder for your viewing pleasure.

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Right, there’s the big news out there. Just one last time…


Blimey, it’s crazy how soon this all happening. But hey! Spontaneity is what it’s all about.

Life is awesome and travel is rad. We intend to make the most of it.

Hope you join us for the ride!


P.S. If you have any tips or recommendations for Southeast Asia do leave us a comment (we’ve been several times before but sure there’s plenty more to see).