The Travel Tag

New Youtube Channel

Not content with just launching a new blog we have now decided to start a new Youtube channel as well. Hoorah!

We have been super inspired by Youtubers such as FunforLouis and MrBenBrown who share their lust for travel, adventure and fun.

So to get started we are offering a kind of getting-to-know-you type video. It’s called The Travel Tag. We put together a list of 9 questions plus a quick-fire round so you can get to know what excites us about travelling and adventure.

So do pop on over to Youtube. Watch the video. And if you enjoy it (please enjoy it!) do hit the like button and also subscribe.

awesome wave youtube

Following The Travel Tag video we realised that we think rather differently about a lot of things. So we decided to film a series of short videos tackling each one from the Quick Fire round. We’ve aptly named it The Travel Debate.

It was lots of fun filming these videos and we’re hoping to start sharing some more day-in-the-life out-and-about videos soon.

Click here to join us on Youtube!

Oh, and if you’re a Youtuber and travel fan do join in our tag and let us know in the comments if you make your own video.

Stay rad!