Clarke Quay

Singapore Slinging

The one thing that I wanted to do in Singapore and I didn’t get round to doing it. I am a massive travel blogging failure. Darn it.

I have been to Singapore twice now and still have yet to indulge in a delicious Singapore Sling cocktail and the famous Raffles Hotel.

But there you go. Stuff happens.

Gardens By the Bay Singapore


Last week were in Singapore. I’ve almost finished editing and uploading all the daily vlogs from Singapore. Those of you who have been watching will know that I wasn’t always having the best of times in Singapore.

Generally I want to keep this blog fun, inspiring and positive. We want to encourage others to travel at home and abroad. But part of that inspiration has to be a dose of reality. Sometimes you don’t quite get the great experience you hope for. I wrote a little about it here; it doesn’t mean the experience is over, it’s just a matter of adjusting or rolling with it.

Thankfully we turned it around a bit and I did have some good times in Singapore.

in Singapore

Best bits of Singapore

* Chinatown

* The cheap public transport

* Gardens by the Bay

* Enjoying a sneaky drink on the bridge opposite Clarke Bay with our friend

* Discovering Murtabak

* Teh Tarik

Dim Sumowen elizabeth and rajTemple Chinatown Singapore

Overall, it was an interesting experience. I wouldn’t recommend staying in the Arab Quarter, although do visit as it’s rather pretty there. The Chinatown area was really buzzing and we found somewhere much nicer and friendlier to stay there.

There’s plenty to do in Singapore and it’s incredibly accessible. I’m sure we’ll get around to the Singapore Slings eventually.