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Wedding in France

10 Best Destination Wedding Locations

If we were going to get married abroad it would probably be in one of these locations. I mentioned recently that I am seriously considering eloping, which got me stuck down an internet hole researching the best destination wedding locations.

In one word…


10 Best Destination Wedding Locations

exotic beach and sea
Hawaii Wedding

1. Hawaii

Tropical beaches, mountains, rainforest, abundant seafood, and fun. Hawaii appeals for its chilled-out vibe so ideal for a relaxed beach wedding. There is so much to do on the islands, each with its own unique landscape, vibe, and personality. After the wedding, stay on for your honeymoon and enjoy hiking, watersports, helicopter rides over volcanoes, snorkeling the reefs, learning about Polynesian culture, or simply relaxing on the beaches.

For the UK you generally fly into the US mainland first so you could tie in a stopover in California before the 6-hour flight on to Hawaii.

Hawaii is top of my list of dream destinations to visit, whether for a wedding or not.

Kuoni offers some interesting wedding packages.

2. Thailand

Thailand had to be on my list as it’s the country where I met my fiance and means a lot to us. Choose one of the islands for a chilled-out tropical beach wedding. Or go for a Buddhist-led ceremony with a blessing from a monk.

I found the Tongsai Bay Hotel on Koh Samui does a basic wedding package for 2 people for around £1,360. Or for an intimate wedding of 10, it’ll cost from £1,740. Not bad, eh?!

I reckon Thailand is probably your best bet for a budget tropical wedding. Plus the food is amazing! Even if you end up with a £1 Pad Thai from the local street food stall.

french chataeu
Wedding in France

3. France

It’s a destination wedding without going too far. Just a simple hop across the channel and into a world of romantic chateaus.

Take your nearest and dearest for an intimate week-long wedding celebration at a stunning chateau in the South of France. The weather is balmy, the wine is fantastic. And can be way more affordable than a wedding in the UK, especially if your guests cover their own accommodation costs.

Olivers Travels offer chateaus starting from £44 per person per night.

4. Italy

Bella Italia! Beautiful Italy is full of romance, history, culture, and delicious pasta. What more could you want?

This would be the kind of destination where you get married in a villa overlooking acres of vineyards. Perhaps staying in a medieval Castello.

Alternatively, get yourself over to the stunning Lake Como for a luxurious jetsetter-style wedding. Or get yourself over to the coast for sun, sea, and stylish hotels.

The Mr and Mrs Smith collection have a lovely range of wedding hotels in Italy.

wedding arches on the beach
Wedding in The Maldives

5. The Maldives

Turquoise water, white sandy beaches, and pure luxury. The Maldives really is one of those paradise destinations. A tropical nation made up of hundreds of small islands over several coral atolls, the Maldives is located in the Indian Ocean. The weddings are symbolic rather than legally binding so you would need to complete the legal process at home.

The Sheraton offers a fantastic luxury wedding package that includes a Maldivian traditional ceremony and as an optional extra you can book to have your wedding on your own private island. Total luxury and indulgence!

6. Jamaica

For atmosphere and beauty, Jamaica would be perfect for a wedding overseas. Continuing with the paradise theme you are looking at stunning beaches and a rich landscape. Jamaica has a fantastic culture with great food, music and the people are rad.

Quite a few of the big resorts in Jamaica offer ‘free’ weddings if you book to stay with them. I’m sure they cover their costs in the holidays’ fee but you do get experienced staff organizing a wedding for you.

Sandals Resorts offers Weddingmoons, a rather cute play on words to describe their destination wedding offering.

7. Belize

Belize has one of the most unique ecosystems in the world which would make it a stunning backdrop for a destination wedding. The packages I’ve looked into seem pretty affordable. Make a long honeymoon out of the experience of doing a stopover somewhere else as well, such as Mexico.

Coco Plum Resort offers wedding packages for around $2000.

bridge and groom in a sleigh in the snow
Lapland Wedding

8. Finland

Who WOULDN’T want to get married where Santa Claus lives? Did you know you can get married in Lapland? Just think of that dreamy, wintery landscape as you say your ‘I Dos’.

There are a few options for Lapland weddings including getting married in an Ice Castle (for all your Elsa fans out there!) or in a Northern Lights house overlooking the forest and catching some of the aurora borealis. You could even arrive at your wedding on a reindeer or husky sled!

I found Lapland Weddings offers packages from £945 to £2395 so there really is an option for most types of budgets.

9. New York

Go for city chic with the ultimate New York wedding. Think glamour, fun, and famous locations. There are plenty of destination wedding planners that can help you organise a wedding in a city that never sleeps. Some fun locations could include Central Park, Top of the Rock, Brooklyn Bridge, or cute roof gardens. Or you could go with the simple city hall and diner option to feel like a true New Yorker.

Virgin Holidays offer some interesting New York wedding packages.

outdoor wedding dancefloor lit with fairy lights
Wedding in Croatia

10. Croatia

Beautiful, beautiful Dubrovnik. A stunning UNESCO World Heritage Site, the city makes for the most romantic backdrop. For stunning architecture, rich history, and a gorgeous culture you can’t go too wrong with a Croatian wedding. The city is full of renaissance and gothic architecture offering the opportunity for a unique wedding. Plus you have the benefit of the Mediterranean Sea on your doorstep.

Dubrovnik is also a great location for all those Game of Thrones fans out there!

For me, I love the idea of the Mediterranean climate, fresh seafood, stunning landscape and being just a few hours away from the UK by plane.

Perfect Weddings Abroad offer a selection of venues in Dubrovnik.

Have you considered marrying abroad? Or perhaps you have been to a wedding overseas?