Fluffy cat wearing sunglasses on his head
Caturday Cat Cafe Bangkok

Caturday: The Cat Cafe, Bangkok

In Bangkok, not far from our hotel, there is a cat cafe. That’s right, a cafe – a place where you drink coffee and eat cake – but filled with cats – real. live. CATS!

Coffee and cats? What more does anyone need in life, right? I mean, CATS!

OK, I’ll try to dial back my excitement. But if you are a cat person and you end up in Bangkok you have to go hang out at Caturday. It’s a pun-tastic cafe filled to the brim with gorgeous fluffy felines. It’s total heaven for all cat lovers. Of which I am one.

Cat cafe Bangkok

On our final night in Thailand we were getting ready to pack up our suitcases (this actually involved me climbing onto the suitcase and using my knees to push hard to flatten my clothes and allow me to close the darn thing – somebody might have bought a few too many things from Chatuchak Market!). We had already had a full-on day of shopping but keen to eek out every last bit of fun that Bangkok has to offer we dragged ourselves away from the mountain of clothes and walked down to the cat cafe.

Caturday Cat Cafe BangkokInside Caturday cat cafe

Inside Caturday, Cat Cafe

We arrived at the cat cafe around 5-6pm on Sunday evening. We were able to get a table straight away, but the cafe was pretty full with just a few spaces left. Most of the tables are low with cushions as seats on the ground. but there a few full sized tables along one edge of the cafe. We chose to seat at the full-sized seats as it was easier on Raj’s bad knee.

As we approached our table we found a massive fluffy cat fast asleep on our table. The cat barely noticed us as we approached and was not interested in waking up when we gave it a little stroke. When we sat down at the table we noticed a small sign with a photo of the cat and her name. I think each table is a ‘territory’ for each cat as they all had signs made with their photos on.

Mia the cat at Caturday

The decor of the cat cafe is bright and playful with  quirky touches. There is a wall of vintage television sets that have been hollowed out and renovated into sleeping quarters for the cats.

There is a huge ‘climbing frame’ for the cats with plenty of high beams for the cats to perch on.  We all know cats love a nice high spot from which to survey their territory!

Cat Cafe Bangkok ThailandCat in boxFluffy cat

On another wall several boxes are fixed at various heights, which upon further inspection reveals has more cats sleeping inside.

There is a range of different breeds and types of cats there, from maine coons to munchkins. They have long-haired, short-haired, large and small cats to play with.

Outside Caturday Cat Cafe

Our visit to Caturday

There is a small menu to pick from at Caturday. It’s mostly basic things such as cake or chips. We were going out for dinner later so we opted for two coffees instead. They were reasonably priced, tasty and there wasn’t an entry fee for the cafe, so I’m happy with that.

Most of the cats were sleeping on our visit, which if you know cats, is pretty much what cats do anyway for about 16 hours a day.

We were lucky that there was a feeding time session when we were there. One of the staff sat on the floor with a bowl of meat and maybe 10 or so of the cats gathered around her to be feed.

Cats being fed at Cat Cafe

Also, along one wall was a group of biscuits bowls and water. So that cats are pretty well fed and happy here.

We spent about an hour at Caturday Cat Cafe just watching and observing the cats. You’re not allowed to pick up the cats and they don’t tend to sit on your lap. I would’ve loved a cat cuddle but I was fine with just some strokies with the cats around our table. There were times when the staff kept putting a mini pair of sunglasses on the cats. Some of the cats didn’t appear to care, but others were not so happy about that.

Cats and coffeeSleepy cat

Some cats will play with you if you find one the toys that are lying around. But, being cats, some of them were uninterested in playing. I think that as an animal-centered place you have to expect a degree of unpredictability with these things. The cats aren’t ‘trained’ or anything, they’re domesticated animals doing what they do.

Cat selfie cat cafeCats wearing glassesCat sleeping at cat cafe

Nevertheless, as a cat lover I know how moody cats can be and I didn’t mind. I just loved being around these feline delights.

Cat in handbagCat playing at CaturdayVisiting Cat Cafe Thailand

Caturday Information

Caturday Cat Cafe 

Address: Co-Co Walk Plaza, Phaya Thai Rd., Ratchathewi, Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Tel: +66 2 656 5247

Website: They don’t have a website but find their Facebook Page here

Directions: At Co-Co Walk you need to go down the right hand side of the plaze where the car park entrance barrier is. It’s towards the end of that row of units.

Nearest BTS Skytrain Station: Ratchatewi

Fluffy cat wearing sunglasses on his head
Caturday Cat Cafe Bangkok