What To Wear On A Long Haul Flight for Men

What to Wear on a Long Haul Flight (for men)

So in response to Elizabeth’s post on What to wear on a long haul flight that she did for the girls, here’s mine for the men.

What To Wear On Long Haul Flights For Guys

Starting from the bottom up –


I would go with something you can slip on and off. You never know if it’s going to be too hot or too cold. Also on flight our feet expand so we will likely need to take them off and walking around in your socks makes the plane feel more like home.


Trainers – Aasics Patriot

Active Trainers – Solomon Speedcross 3 Trail Running Shoes

Toms – Black on Black 


This might seem silly but then read this article from the NHS about DVT and think again, especially if you travel a lot.


M&S Freshfeet Flight Socks

Scholl Footcare Flight Socks


Options are what this post is all about. If it’s cold you need to be covered, if it’s hot you want to be able to pull them up and when on a flight you want to be able to move without getting all screwed up or… constricted. These are two of my favourite pair of bottoms or pants and something like this is exactly what you need to stay comfy on a long old flight.


Levi’s 501 Original

Cantebury Trackpants


Last but not least, what are you going to wear up top? Again its all about options. So I recommend a basic t-shirt with an open shirt and a backup jumper. This way you can layer up and down and if you have a smart enough shirt then you can smarten up before the flight in an attempt to get a cheeky upgrade.


H&M Black Tshirt

Fat Face Plaid Shirt

Next Jumper

There is no reason not to look good when flying long haul but there is also no reason to treat like a normal activity. Long haul flights are tough work, and I’ve been guilty of taking a 12 hour flight for granted. Think ahead, dress for practicality and enjoy your flight.