Worldwide Wishlist

Worldwide Wishlist: 10 Countries to visit in 2015

2015 is going to be a major year of travel for me. The tour starts in just a few days for us and the world is our oyster. These 10 countries are certainly strong contenders for pins on the map. There are many more possibilities but these are my countries to visit in 2015.

Worldwide Wishlist

10 Countries to visit in 2015

Sri Lanka

After meeting some native Sri Lankans recently and the calming of violence in the area, the beautifully historic country is open to all of us. With 3,000 years of history, surrounded by water, home to breathtaking woodlands and mountains it is certainly a tempting destination for some culture and adventure. With 1600km of beaches and wild elephants, I’m sure there is something for everyone.


Also now welcoming tourists with open arms, the country home to 1,000 temples on one horizon. Yangon (Rangoon) is the capital city and with more pictures of the city online that ever before, the colours and untouched scenary are almost too much to not jump on. Close to Thailand with a quick flight direct to Yangon, every traveller has the opportunity to visit and make the first marks on a barely beaten track.


Almost always on my list, every year, until I get there, Japan will always intrigue me. Home to the Samurai, Mount Fuji and Sushi, this small country packs a punch of history and fun.


An almost unknown country to me, a recent meeting at WTM opened up a world of possibility. Sometimes overlooked when competing with the likes of it’s geographical partners, we forget that Taiwan is home to some incredible culture and scenery. Mount Yushan provides some adventure and the Taiwanese cuisine is still to be discovered by this english palette.


Bordered by Russia, Armenia, Iran and the Caspian sea, Azerbaijan is almost hidden by it’s neighbours. Home to UNESCO world heritage sites and signs of early civilisations, the landscape and history leave plenty to be explored.

Costa Rica

I love chocolate and Costa Rica has lots of it.


A friend of mine is from Montenegro and recently got married over there. I couldn’t go but pictures led to more pictures and this is one gorgeous country. Small towns with traditional architecture on the waters edge overlooked by sensationally dramatic cliffs and steep rocky hills, it stirs the senses and mystery around a country I know very little.


Can get a flight to Antartica from Chile. How nuts is that?!


Samoan tattoos are out and out my favourite traditional body markings. With a rich history and incredibly beatutiful scenary, I would absolutely love to go there and there are 2 arms that a samoan tattoo artist can go crazy with. I can go straight from the tattoo parlour to the beach – sounds good to me.


Home to the Exit Festival, Serbia doesn’t come up in conversation much but that’s why everyone is missing out. Exit is held at a fortress, the Petrovaradin Fortress in Novi Sad on the bank of the Danube to be precise and has just won the award for best festival in Europe. Great news for them and the country.

So that’s my list. For the moment anyway. I think everyone should make a list so it gives you a place to start if you do consider taking a trip away. I’d be happy with just one or two of these but I’m going to try for a few more.