Welcome to Awesome Wave

Awesome Wave is a travel blog by myself and Raj. It’s a place for us to gather the years of stories, adventures and insights from our travels both independently and together.

I actually got into blogging via travelling back in 2008 so it seems only right to be going full circle.

My original blog was, annoyingly, on a paid-for platform that required an annual fee. It was not a great deal and won’t recommend them. So for my own personal reasons in particular I’d like to gather my original travel blogs here first.

Do forgive the crappy language, the typos and general silliness. If you read my first travel blog posts you can see the journey I took not only across SE Asia (with a pitstop in Oz) but also as a writer and blogger. Some of those early posts really make me cringe. Eeek! But I think it’s incredibly useful to remember that we all start somewhere.

And as we are starting with this brand new blog …

So what to expect here?

To begin with I will continue sharing my 2008-2009 travel blog bit by bit. It’s 4 months worth of blog. Phew! So for brevity’s sake I’ve created pages within each post (between 3 and 5) to make them easier to follow. I’ve included the date to give some guidance of where I was at.

Raj will begin blogging his travel adventures from 2009-2010 when he visited Australia, New Zealand and SE Asia.

And we will both be sharing any wisdom and insights along the way.

The aim is to provide a blog that is both entertaining and informative. It’s our hope that you come here and want to spend some time reading.

And who knows what the future holds?! We hope you will subscribe to Awesome Wave and join us on the next chapter of our life and travels together.

Get started!

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Now, one last favour … it’s a brand new blog so to help us we would love some encouragement. If you’re enjoying what you’re reading please drop us a comment! We’d be forever grateful.

So do grab yourself a cuppa and have a nosey through Awesome Wave.

Thank you again for stopping by.

Stay rad.