Min Jiang – Royal Garden Hotel – London

We stayed at the Royal Garden Hotel and went to visit the Min Jiang for lunch the following day. The Min Jiang is the Dim Sum and Chinese restaurant on the 10th floor of the hotel with views over Kensington gardens, Kensington Palace and the London Skyline.

I’ve eaten a lot of dim sum and have a few favourites not just in London but around the world. The visit to the Min Jiang was unexpected and very rewarding.

We wanted to continue our relaxing stay at the Royal Gardens Hotel and took our good mood upstairs which was heightened by being … heightened.

Min Jiang 1

First Impressions

The restaurant is 10 floors up, and over looking Kensington Palace Gardens. There are very few first impressions that can top that. The welcome was welcoming and the decor classy and clean.

Along with the attentive service and views, the endless supply of green tea and crisp white linen. We went on to order a healthy number of dim sum including my favourite Shanghai Steamed Dumplings – Xiao Long Bao.

Min Jiang View 1


The service was great and in true eastern fashion, dishes came as and when they were cooked. It was like a conveyor belt of beautifully made and tasty morsels. Our green tea was consistently attended too which was nice. From the clientele, I could tell the restaurant had the type of attentive service that people trusted to return time and time again. A lady sat next to us visited every week while a business meeting was being held at another table. I also asked the service staff several questions about etiquette and flavours and they were more than happy to help.

Min Jiang Sui Mai

Min Jiang Pouring

What was the best dish?

Raj – the Xiou Long Bao. Also called a Shanghai Soup Dumpling. It’s a steamed pork dumpling with lots of seasoning filled with a meatball and a soup broth, all in the dumpling itself. The trick is to either suck the soup out or cut the bottom into a spoon. Avoid eating them whole as you could burn yourself.
Elizabeth – the Har Gow. Steamed dumpling with little seasoning around a fresh king prawn.

Min Jiang Xiao Long Bao

Min Jiang Har Gow

We noted quite a few people had arrived and mentioned that they had pre-ordered the duck. When we saw the chef come around the restaurant with a small table where he was carving the duck at the patrons table, I could see why they were all so excited by it.

What makes it different?

Quite a few other chinese restaurants tend to use MSG in their food and sometimes I feel bloated afterwards. Despite a massive feast at the Min Jiang, we didn’t feel at all bloated and felt actually quite fresh. Similar to the fresh/clean-ness of eating sushi. This was very different and very welcome.

The Min Jiang has become my favourite Dim Sum restaurant in London because not only is the food fantastic, the service is brilliant, the views are spectacular, perhaps only rivalled by Yi-Ban near London Airport. The fact that the price is very reasonable and no more expensive than the majority of Dim Sum restaurants is a huge bonus. A place of luxury all around that is absolutely affordable.

Thank you Min Jiang, we will see you again soon.

Restaurant Information

  • Min Jiang, Royal Garden Hotel, Floor 10, 2- 24 Kensington High Street, London, W8 4PT
  • 44 (0)20 7361 1988 for reservations
  • Website
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Min Jiang Dessert 1

Min Jiang Dessert 2
Min Jiang View 2