Kissing an Elephant

January Instagrams

Cat at Coffee Monster Chiang Mai

Oh January, you always fly by so fast. I can barely keep up!

That been said, we have plenty of good times to share on Instagram.

We spent quite a bit of time in various coffee shops all over Chiang Mai, drinking lots of iced coffees, working hard on our many projects and even getting cuddles with furry friends like the one above.

Chiang Mai Lake

On the 3rd it was my birthday. We had lovely chilled out day including spending the afternoon at this lake next to Doi Suthep. It was perfect. {vlog here}

Baan Thai Pool

We absolutely LOVED our little apartment in Chiang Mai. We were staying at a place with its own pool. A massive plus when you need a break from all the laptop club time. As it’s winter the water is a tad on the chilly side but it did mean that sometimes we had the place to ourselves. Bliss.

Laptop Club with Coffee

I think one of the best parts of this month in Chiang Mai has been sampling all the coffee shops. The area we lived in, Nimman Road, is packed with indie coffee shops. It was rad.

Burmese Restaurant Chiang Mai

We soon discovered our favourite place for eating almost ALL of our meals. There is a Burmese restaurant just a soi (block/street) down from the apartment. The food was top notch and super affordable. Pad Thai was about 35 baht (approx. 70p). We loved the Pork Curry, Pad Thai, Tamarind Salad and Tea Leaf Salad.

Thai Graffiti Chiang Mai

Another great thing about our area was that it was full of creative Thai folk. It was perfect for those looking for inspiration. I came across some fantastic street art like the one above.

Elephant Selfie

Quite possibly the best selfie ever – elephant selfie! This instagram was from our day at Elephant Nature Sanctuary. #bestdayever – the elephants were super friendly, happy and loved a photo it seems.

Kissing an Elephant

And now for my favourite instagram photo I have ever shared. I kissed an elephant. And she smiled! Absolutely the most awesome moment. I was honoured to get so close to one of these magnificent animals as it is. But to actually kiss an elephant? Amazing.

Koh Chang Beach

After 6 weeks in Chiang Mai we have headed South to Koh Chang. We have yet to spend any time at the beach on this travels and we needed to see a bit of sea action before we head to Cambodia next week for a conference.

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