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How To Travel On A Budget

Travel doesn’t have to cost a fortune. You can explore all that the world has to offer whilst sticking to a thrifty budget. Learning how to travel on a budget was a key part of our travels in the early days.

With just a few clever tricks to bear in mind, you can more than half the usual travel costs, giving you more pennies to splash out on an extra pina colada by the beach.


How To Travel On A Budget

1. Shoulder season travel

Sure, nobody once to be caught in the monsoons of low season. But if you can figure out the shoulder seasons – the time between peak season and low season – you will find cheaper deals on accommodation and the weather will be rather decent.

2. Book in advance

At one point you could nab cheap flights by waiting to the last minute. But these days airlines tend to price their seats according to availability as well as demand. So the first set of tickets tends to be the cheapest. That being said, keep an eye on the days of the week the flight fluctuate, they are normally higher at the weekend.

3. Pair up

As much as I love solo travel, it is cheaper to share the costs with another person. If you’re not hostelling it, where you pay by the bed, then a guesthouse or hotel will charge by the room.

4. Couchsurfing

If you’re feeling confident you could join one of the couchsurfing websites and find a host in your chosen country who is willing to lend you their couch or spare bed for free.

5. Voucher codes websites

I know plenty of folks who have snapped up some fantastic deals on the likes of Groupon. They tend to be of the package deal kind of holiday. So if that’s your bag, sign up and wait for the good deals to pop into your inbox.

6. Housesitting

We have considered housesitting in the past. There are housesitting opportunities all over the world and it’s a great way to get your accommodation for free.

7. Hire local

Instead of paying loads of money for an organised tour maybe try hiring a local to act as a tour guide for the day. Perhaps a student would like to practise their English and you can tip them for their time? Ask around once you arrive to see if anyone would be suitable.

8. Eat local

I am a big fan of street food when travelling. I follow the locals and eat where’s popular. It’s cheap, tasty and offers an authentic experience of your trip. There’s no need to worry about food poisoning, just trust your instinct, follow your nose and eat where there is a high turnover of patrons.

9. DIY itinerary

Too many middle men add too much to the profit margins. Do your research and plan your own itinerary. If you’re clever you can find some great savings in picking your own tours, transport, guides and places to eat.

10. Free activities

Most destinations will have some free activities. Whether it’s a free museum day on Sunday, or a free concert in the park, or yoga on the beach. Check out the local newspaper for the free listings or check out the tourist guide for any free tours.

And there you have it, 10 ways to travel on a budget!

Let us know what nifty tricks you would add to the list.