Slow Travel Winter Holiday

How To Enjoy Slow Travel Winter Holidays

I’ve already talked at length about why I enjoy Slow Travel. It offers a different pace and thus interesting experience in discovering your chosen destination. Slow travel often takes a quieter, more-scenic route, and there you can find hidden gems and a fulfilling time.

For me there is a way to find joy in the simplest of things. And despite hotfooting it over to Southeast Asia for the warmth this Winter, I can always find something to enjoy when the snow hits.

So instead of escaping to sunnier climes for a winter holiday, one can embrace the cold and enjoy all that comes with that.

Of course, the first thing that springs to mind is snow! Thousands of people head to the slopes every winter to enjoy the powdery stuff. It can be thrilling, exciting, and all the adventurous excitement you could possibly handle.

But if you’d prefer to take a slower approach to your winter destination, like I do, there are a few ways you can do so.

Winter Holidays

How To Enjoy Slow Travel Winter Holidays

Choose quiet, less-touristy accommodation

The mountains are filled with adorable villages, boutique accommodation and holiday rentals. Or go with a tour operator who specialise in slow travel holidays.

Enjoy the Scenery

Find the best vantage point, stop and just soak it in (and possibly grab the obligatory selfie).

Sample the cuisine

Cold weather means you need to fill your belly with lots of heart-warming, delicious fare. Try a cooking class, seek out the local dishes or just get down with a good cup of hot chocolate.

Cross Country Skiing

Swap Skiing for Cross-Country

Take the slower pace of cross-country skiing or snow-shoeing to take in the beautiful scenery of snow covered forests, frozen lakes, or picture-perfect villages. It’s less vigorous than downhill skiing and will give you a chance to see it all.

City Break It

It’s not all about the slopes you know. Grab your thermals and head out on a city break. For many countries in Europe it’s off-peak season so you can grab some special deals and you don’t have to content with too many other tourists. So you can head to the nearest museum or art gallery and enjoy the exhibitions in relative peace.

Northern Lights

One of the big winter holiday activities has to be the Northern Lights. Catch one of nature’s most stunning phenomenon’s. This is definitely one of my top bucket list options.

Get Down With Nature

Get down with nature and spend time with freely roaming reindeers in Finland. Try bird-spotting in Austria. Or go dog-sledding in Norway.

Have you been on a Winter holiday?

What was your favourite way to enjoy it?

Are you the ski-ski-ski type?

Or do you like to try different activities?