Elegantly Pivoting: It’s Not About Budget Travel, It’s About Making It Happen

I’ve never really had any money. I’ve never been a big earner. I didn’t have wealthy parents. And I was never given handouts. Yet, the most common question I get when telling people I am travelling has been “but, how do you afford it?”.

Well, quite frankly I can’t afford it.

But that’s a minor detail.

If I let every barrier stand in my way I wouldn’t have done half the things I have done. Money is a touchy subject and believe me, I’ve spent plenty of nights, weeks and months in desperate tears over my severe lack of. It’s a real bummer.

They say money can’t buy you happiness, but it sure can help you along the way.

No, I can’t afford to travel. I also cannot afford to live in my own country either. Not in a way that allows me to be fulfilled. When I weigh up the living costs of being on the road with rental properties in the UK, I am better off living out of my suitcase. Sure, I do miss my pretty handbags and it would be nice to have a home to call my own. But I believe all these things will happen when they are meant to.

I’ve learned to adapt and always be wiling to change. I can pivot my life in a moment’s notice.

Elegantly Pivot

In the past I have been in circumstances where this pivot has caused some mental distress – it’s hard to change your life so dramatically. However, I’ve realised over the past few years that life, or at least my life, does that. It throws things at that you that require an elegant pivot.

So when it comes to travel, if you feel the desire or need you can always find a way.

Sure, destination choices impact the affordability of travelling, as does transport and accommodation preferences. But if you do your research you can always find a way.

I guess, what I’m saying is… when there’s a will, there’s a way. As I take another elegant pivot in life I seek out ways to make the new direction work. For me, budget travel is the cheapest way to live right now and you can do the same if that’s where your pivot takes you.