Birmingham to Bangkok

at airportTwas a rather long, not-so-ardous, journey to Bangkok involving around 24 hours between our home in Milton Keynes, UK and our hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. We went via Coventry where we dropped off our car before boarding a train to Birmingham International and then caught a flight to Dubai, changing onto another train to Bangkok. We had about 2 hours sleep and were rather weary once we arrived. But, you know… it felt good to get here.

Bangkok is exactly as I remember. Hot, noisy, chaotic, full of conflicting smells and just full of people. It’s rad.

We have spent the first couple of nights at a basic hotel in the central city area of Bangkok. We needed somewhere booked and ready for us when we arrived from our night flight. It included aircon and a private room meant I could sleep in to my heart’s content, something I knew I would need given I always get terrible jet lag when flying long haul.


Before doing anything we popped into a 7Eleven, which are everywhere in this city, to grab a few bottles of water and then we stopped at a street food cafe for some dinner. We chose the place that was chock-full of Thai patrons, and we were right to do so – the food was delicious! A perfect way to start our trip.

street food time

We have now checked into a brand new hostel just down the road. We are their very first guests! We had walked past on our first day so wandered in to see what they were like. They had yet to open but invited us in to take a look around. It has been decorated in an industrial-chic style and of course everything is brand spanking new. The owners invited us back for a drink in the evening so we popped again and enjoying a delicious Long Island Iced Tea with a good ol’ chinwag with the owner and manager. Turns out the owner studied her Masters degree in London and had lived there for a few years. Then we found out the manager used to work at Nap Park, the last hostel we stayed at in Bangkok 4 years ago. They are hoping to bring in loads of new backpackers to their lovely hostel. We were won over so we came back today to check in as guest number 1 and 2 – hoorah!

We’ll do a little hostel tour on our Youtube channel but so far we love it. There is free wifi and breakfast included. The bathrooms have huge waterfall showers – can’t wait to test those out – and they have their own scented hand wash and shampoo. Nice. The dorm rooms are a decent size, about 3 bunks/6 beds per room, includes a private light, 2 plug sockets and shelf per bed. There is a large mezzanine chill out area with TV and bean bags, and then downstairs is a large bar area with banquet-style table and another TV. Oh, and there is lots of aircon.

Otherwise, it’s been a pretty chilled first 2 days in Bangkok, we’ve got a lot of work and studying to do. But we will fit in a few tourist activities in between. We are currently working out how to get to Singapore for the beginning of December. Initially we were going to fly but that looks like it’s too expensive so I reckon we’ll take a couple of overnight trains through Malaysia instead. Exciting!

That’s all for now!

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Stay rad!