Making snow angels

{VIDEO} My First Ski Trip

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to try skiing for the first time at the resort of Tignes in the French Alps with Mark Warner Holidays. Here's my vlog from my first ski trip:
ski lines

Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Skiing

Today I want to share with you my personal absolute beginner's guide to skiing, written as I would have wanted to read it a few weeks ago before I embarked on my first ever winter holiday and ski experience as ...

The time I nearly missed my first flight to Bangkok

It was my first ever long haul flight. Before that I had only ever been to Europe and Tunisia. Nothing further than 4 hours away. I was heading off on a solo backpacking trip around Southeast Asia, and I was a ...
'VIP' bus in Laos

Final days of backpacking SE Asia – 2009

2/3/2009 - Goodbye Spicycrew and Laos My alarm went off early and I was straight in the shower readying myself for the very long journey ahead. Today my journey consists of a bus trip to Vientiane, a mini bus ...
vang vieng

Laos (again) – 2009

26/2/2009 - Waterfalls and Girls Night Out It was nice to sleep in the same bed, in the same bunk, in the same room as before. I woke up with a smile on my face knowing that I was somewhere truly lovely. Most ...
slow boat down the mekong river

Chiang Mai – Luang Prabang (on a slow boat) 2009

23/2/2009 - To Chiang Khong - Thai Border Town I woke with a start; excited about the day and journey ahead. Here I was about to embark on a return trip to Laos with a group of really fun people at the very en...

Chiang Mai (part 2) – 2009

19/2/2009 - A quiet day at the office Most of my Spicy Crew friends went on a trek today which was sad for me. I really wanted to go, but I`m saving the pennies and I had agreed to help out for a bit at the ho...
Train to Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai (part 1) – 2009

15/2/2009 - Back in Chiang Mai Oh, how I love Chiang Mai dearly. It`s like a favourite acquaintance that you want to know more about and spend more quality time with. I was woken up by the faint murmur of...
koh chang

Koh Chang – 2009

9/2/2009 - Koh Chang - The island that looks like elephants I seem to be putting myself through far too many early mornings and long journeys - I guess that`s travelling for you. I was up at 6am to check out o...