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Hello, hola and bojour!

Thanks for popping by our lovely little blog. Raj and I have been itching for years to get all our travel stories down, so we’re super excited to finally be sharing them with you.

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To get started I’ve been republishing my original travel blog (not counting the email travel accounts of 2003 – that might be really cringe-y) from my backpacking Southeast Asia trip of 2008 to 2009.

The very first post in that series is London – Bangkok – Phi Phi

Because I blogged almost every day for 4 months I have collated the posts into pages. That is, each post consists of 3 to 5 pages within it. Once you’ve read the first page you will find the numbered page tab at the bottom of that entry. Click on those to read more of that entry.

As that original blog was in diary format I’ve included the dates so it’s easier to follow. It’s interesting to see over time how my blogging became more refined. As a seasoned blogger now, I’ve found it both cringeworthy and fascinating to read!

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What to expect from this blog

Over time we plan to fill this blog with all of our past travel adventures both solo and since we’ve met. We are big fans of travel, adventure, experiences and discovering. You can find our stories in the Destinations section.

We will also share all the knowledge and insights we’ve picked up over the years through our Travel Tips or Journal sections.

Finally, we share our favourite finds in the Reviews section. We cover travel tech, gadgets, equipment, accommodation, food & drink, experiences and more. You can be sure that we are always honest and fair in our opinions though we do tend to feature more of the rad stuff if we can.

And we will continue to share our future adventures. We are sure there are many more to come.

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