15/1/2009 – Onwards to Singapore


The crack of dawn isn`t all that it`s cracked up to be. I was up at 5am to catch my lift with Uncle David down to Brisbane and he starts early. Luckily I had packed the night before and all I had to do was throw some clothes on and throw myself into the van, waving goodbye to Monty the dog.

It was a nice drive into Brisbane, and after spending so much of the previous week there, I am a bit of an expert when it comes to directions. I managed to get dropped off outside the Central station and was lucky enough to get a train to the airport within 5 minutes.

I was too early for check in so I parked up on one of the really comfy sofas they have all over Brisbane airport which were perfectly designed for sleeping on. With over an hour until my check-in opened I set about getting some shut-eye. On the most part I slept pretty well, except for the time when a little Asian kid whacked me on the head with a plastic spoon in order to give it to me.

I nearly had a mare when I got to check-in. They informed me that because I only had a single ticket and no proof that I was getting a bus out of the country, that they couldn`t let me on the flight because they would get fined and I would be sent back to England. I was so pissed off, they suggested I went and bought another ticket there and then. I tried to explain that I was a budget traveller and I was going overland once I got to Singapore. They told me this was no good. I was so upset walking away from the check-in desk and then it struck me; I have a return ticket from Bangkok to London. So I ran back to the scary dude who rejected me and he let me push back into the line and check my bag. I was so relieved.

The flight was ok, I was glad to have tv, a blanket and a pair of socks. And the flight was cheaper than the Air Asia flight, hoorah!

I arrived in Singapore about 6pm and was delighted to find the Singaporeans very welcoming and helpful. Even the bus driver, who all over the world are notoriously grumpy, was helpful, helping me find my stop and directing me to my hostel.

The hostel was a bit far out from town, the staff were friendly but the dorm was crappy. I was pretty tired so after checking my email and finding out that an old friend from Uni lived in Singapore, I hit the sack. It had been a long day.

After an hour or so of peaceful slumber I was woken up by 2 people chatting really loudly across the dorm. It seemed like small talk and as I came round I realised they had just struck up conversation and were continuing to get to know each other, whilst others around them were sleeping. It was so rude! It was after midnight and clearly people were sleeping, so the polite thing to do would be to carry on the chat in the common room. I shuffled a bit and tutted and then sat up to take a sip of water whilst glaring at them at the same time. They didn`t get the hint and I got particularly wound up and started an argument with them in my head. I wish I was confrontational sometimes.

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