18/12/2008 – Farewell Tinsel Party

snake whiskey

I started to feel sad, knowing that my time in Luang Prabang and at Spicylaos was coming to an end. I really didn’t feel ready to go yet, and I’ve promised myself I’ll go back. If I wasn’t booked to go to Australia I would have stayed there for a lot longer. As it is I have yet to see a lot of Laos, so I have to come back.

As both Nikkers and I were leaving the next day we decided tonight would be party night. It took us days to come up with a theme. Our favourite one was a cross-dressing party but Pong didn’t think this would be appropriate in Laos, and we have to respect that. So we settled on a Tinsel party as it is the festive season.

Nikkers and I got a ride in the sidecar of the Spicylaos motorbike up to the Chinese market to buy tinsel for everyone. It was a pretty hair-raising experience (I seem to have a few of those) as the roads are a bit bumpy and the side car has practically no suspension, but we enjoyed the bemused looks of the local people as a bright yellow motorbike and sidecar trundled up the street.

In the evening I dressed everyone in a piece of tinsel and was pleasantly surprised that there was no resistance from anyone; backpackers are so much more game for a laugh…

drinking snake whisky

As we were preparing I managed to convince a couple of the guys and Nikkers to try the Snake Whiskey that sits in the corner of the hostel and costs only 2,000 kip for a shot, bargain if you ask me. The reactions were great, not only did they get the hit of a rather strong Lao Lao whiskey but also the strong fishy after-taste, which I was later told, lasted all night!!!

lao lao gardens

117 bowling luang prabangWe started the Tinsel Festivities at Lao Lao Garden where they had reserved a corner for us and put up the Spicylaos banner. We enjoyed some delicious food and cocktails and when nicely lubricated we jumped into a tuk-tuk up to the disco for more drinking and dancing. I had a great time strutting my stuff, particularly to the Thai song…”do do do do do dum dum…”. I’ve no idea what it’s called, but it’s awesome. After an hour or so of throwing shapes we jumped back into the tuk tuk and onto bowling, with me attempting to psyche everyone out. It didn’t work. I came joint last with Nikkers at 43 points, quite possibly the worst score of my life. Once again the evening concluded with Pong and I falling asleep in the dvd room. Happy days.

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