9/12/2008 – Waterfalls, Lao BBQ and X-Men

luang prabang

It was bloody freezing this morning, not what I was expecting from travelling in the tropics and therefore I am completely unprepared for such cold weather. I have one hoody, one light fleece but no jeans or warm trousers. The only long trousers I have are loose summer things and not exactly a barrier of warmth in such extreme climates! OK, maybe I am exaggerating a little bit, but I did spend the morning warming myself by the fire in front of the hostel whilst I toasted my baguette and slathered it in thick peanut butter. It turns out that the Laos authorities had turned all the electricity off for the day, so we were without power until 6pm. This meant no showers (stinky), no Internet (disaster), and no light (kind of romantic).

At SpicyLaos they organise daily trips to the waterfalls nearby and after seeing Jimmy and Kelly’s face all over the walls here at the hostel, I thought I should probably go along despite having very little sleep due to my worsening cold. I decided it would probably be unwise to play in the waterfalls myself as wet hair + cold makes for a miserable time.

I enjoyed the 45 minute journey to the waterfalls, taking in the beautiful scenery and nodding away to my ipod. By the time we got to the waterfalls the weather had warmed right up, much to my delight.Luang Prabang Waterfalls ESellersKhoungsi Waterfalls ESellers

me at waterfalls

The waterfalls were cool, there was bear sanctuary where there were a family of Asiatic bears, and apparently there was a tiger sanctuary but I couldn’t see it anywhere. I watched whilst the girls, Martha, Adelle and Frankie jumped off the overhanging tree into the water. It looked really fun, but I had dipped my toe in the water and it was ice cold.

That evening Pong took a group of us to a nearby temple to give us a talk about Buddhism and Monk Life. It was really fascinating and I can really relate to a lot of the philosophy of Buddha. The general gist of it was to live a life of harmony and acceptance, and I think peace is something we could all do with more of.


After the talk Pong took us to a local Lao restaurant for a Lao barbeque. It was probably the best thing I’ve eaten so far. The barbeque was pretty much the same as the Thai barbeque but there was something about the stock they gave us to make the soup with and the dipping sauce was out of this world. I’m salivating just remembering it. After gorging ourselves on food we wandered back to the hostel where we settled down to watch X-Men 2, we are working our through the whole trilogy whilst we’re here and the TV room here is awesome.

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