28/2/2009 – Journey to Vang Vieng

I was dreading the journey to Vang Vieng. I had done the journey before but it had been at night and I had taken some valium to help me sleep through the rough journey. The problem is that Luang Prabang is one of the most remote cities in the world and is situated up in the mountainous region in the North. Therefore the journey, albeit beautiful, is rather bumpy and twisty. This time I wasn`t on a public bus but instead on a mini-bus with little leg room and a driver who liked to drive quickly around bends.

baguettes luang prabang

I said a farewell to Spicylaos but felt sure I would be back again and started the journey to Vang Vieng. It actually wasn`t too bad, but I was thankful that I hadn`t been foolish enough to drink the night before. A hangover on this journey would have been painful. Instead I just plugged my Ipod in, placed my inflatable cushion around my neck and attempted to doze.

luang prabang to vang viengmini bus to vang vieng

We had one stop where I was able to eat my baguette that I had bought in Luang Prabang and then we continued on.

It took around 5 hours until we were dropped off at the Vang Vieng bus station. We arrived at the same time as the guys who has opted to take the `VIP` bus (which, in Laos, is never really that VIP) but they went off in a separate tuk tuk and we went off in search of a place to stay.

vang viengview of vang vieng

We found a comfortable guesthouse just off the main street and I was straight in the shower to freshen up. We, the girls and I, went off in search of an internet shop and then a suitable place to eat. We ended up in one of the many eateries playing loud Western music. It was fun, we ate yummy food, had a few drinks and had a good old girly time.

first dinner in vvbucket and pizza

As we were leaving the bar we spotted the guys in the Irish Bar opposite, as cliched as it is to go abroad only to drink in an Irish/English bar, we went along with it and joined the guys for a couple of buckets.

After a few games of pool we ended up wandering down towards the river to the Bucket Bar which turned out to be an open-air club/bar by the river. Next thing I know buckets are in hand and hands are throwing shapes.bucketson the bridge vvgirls at bucket barbucket bardancinglaughing

We had an awesome time dancing to cheesy pop and old school dance tunes finishing up with N-Trance `Set You Free`.

Luckily at the this point the bar closed for the night and we were forced to go to bed otherwise I would have missed the only day I would have the opportunity to go tubing.

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