15/11/2008 – Long Beach, Phi Phi

We got up relatively early, got some fried eggs for breakfast and then caught a longtail boat round to Long Beach in the next cove. It was 100 baht each which I consider to be a little dear as it was only round the corner. I also lost my camera case as I was taking some snaps on the journey and the case flew off my lap. Damn wind.

ton sai beachWe hired some deckchairs for the day with a parasol, but as it turned out, it was the most useless umbrella ever. No shade on one of the hottest days on the island! The beach itself was lovely, trees lining the fine white sand which framed the crystal clear sea. The potential was there to be had, but the beach was taken up by a couple of large resorts and about a million longtail boats. The beach was crowded, by Thailand standards, and you had to be careful when swimming not to get run-over by the many boats zooming past the bay.

I spent time absorbing my book, absorbing the view and absorbing the little fish that weren’t afraid to swim around you when you paddled.

After lunch, Jimmy took me snorkeling for the first time. At first I was finding it hard to breath using the snorkel and then my mask kept filling with water. Then I had to get used to being so far out at sea that I couldn’t touch the bottom, plus I was trying to maintain my position against the waves intent on washing me back to shore. Luckily I was with Jimmy who had spent most of the day snorkeling and discovering good sites for spotting fish and underwater beauty.  I got to see lots of fish – I wish I could tell you what they were – they were pretty. I saw some `Nemos` hiding in and around an anemone. There was some coral, some spiky things and a sea cucumber. It was awesome.


I felt like I was being stung by little jelly fish so I went back to the shore, and once on the beach I saw my feet were bleeding. I must have cut my foot on some rock or coral. One cut was on the underside of my foot, it was agony and I was paranoid that it could get infected so I was eager to get back and get it cleaned and Savlon-ed up. I also realised at this point that I was starting to get sunburned. My pearly white skin is not as hardened to the ravishing of the sun like Jimmy and Kelly`s, who had been travelling for 8 months already.

ton sai

So we caught a Longtail boat back to Ton Sai village where I hobbled back to my room to shower, slather on aftersun and dress my wounds.

I spent the evening chatting to my Mum, then hanging out in bookshop and drinking the best hot chocolate in the world ever.

We ate quite late at Papaya again, sharing only 2 dishes between the 3 of us. The food was delicious, especially the Chicken and Cashew Nut, but I think it was loaded with MSG as we all felt a bit bloated after, were really thirsty and then I had crazy dreams.

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