14/11/2008 – Another easy-going day in paradise

I started the day well by getting up and going for breakfast. Jimmy and Kelly were still stuck to the mattress so I wandered down to Little Britain for an English Breakfast and watched Family Guy, it was awesome.

beach koh phi phi

The rest of the day was spent chilling on the beach, reading my book and enjoying the fact that I’m not at work stressing out.

For dinner we ventured to another part of Ton Sai village to a place called the Garden House, it was very nice but my legs got devoured by mosquito’s.

Mozzies have been a big issue for me this week. It would appear that I am a mozzie magnet, the buggers love me. I am doing everything I can, used Deet, Tiger Balm, covered up, wore light clothing, even trying to avoid dusk. But it’s no use, they find me. I’ve been spending most of my time with Jimmy and Kelly and they have next to none at all. I’ve even left the geckos in my room alone to try and catch the buggers. I named them Gordon and Gonzo, the geckos that is. They sometimes squeak at me.

It’s starting to get to me though, I have at least 12 on my right leg so far, I’m hoping they’ll get bored of me soon and pick on someone else, someone their own size maybe…grrr…

Tangent over. After dinner we went to the Sunflower bar at the other end of the bay next to us. It was a great little bar built in the style of a ship with little boat shaped booths – I can’t explain it without it sounding lame – the lighting was low so you could see the dark sea with flickers of light bouncing off it. Being the cool kids that we are we played Jenga and Jimmy lost in spectacular fashion. Actually it was just normal losing fashion, but it sounds better to embellish.

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