13/11/2008 – Quiet times in paradise

Needless to say we were a little on the sensitive side today. After a lie-in I was prompted to get down the beach by a text from Tess, so I dragged myself up and met Jimmy and Kelly at the bookshop for a cup of tea and a sandwich from a street stall.

Eventually we made it to the beach where we had a lazy day sunbathing, swimming and chatting. In 30 degrees heat, it’s pretty hard to exert yourself at the best of times. So we all hung out, getting to know each other, bonding and generally having a good conversation.indian ko phi phi

As it was Tess and Rob’s last night we thought we’d treat ourselves by going to the only Tandoori on the island called Hot Spot. The food was a bit crap really, but the staff were so nice, so we gave them a few tips on how to improve the food, such as cook the vegetables and actually use spices. Anyhow, we all made the best of it and enjoyed each other’s company.

Afterwards we went to a bar where Jimmy and Kelly taught us several drinking games. Who knew you could be so creative with the methods of drinking?drinking gamesdrinking games phi phi

We said our goodbyes to Tess and Rob and agreed to catch up when we were all back in the UK.

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