12/11/2008 – Full Moon on Phi Phi

fire poiMy room at Pirates House was a disaster. The place was flooding, when I told them they fixed it by putting towels on the floor. Useful. It was totally over-priced and the staff were rude. So Jimmy came to pick me up and I left my bags in Jimmy and Kelly’s room whilst I scouted out a new place to stay. I went with PP Paradise which was 500 baht cheaper, with a tv but fan room rather than aircon.

After checking in we went for breakfast and found somewhere that did good tea. I hadn’t had a cup of proper English Breakfast tea for a week, it was delicious.

We spent a few hours at the beach again, sunbathing and swimming in the lush sea. It turned out that the weather forecast was wrong and the rain had done its bit and sunshine was predicted for the week, hoorah!

We spent the rest of the afternoon eating Pad Thai from a street stall, writing in our journals at the bookshop/cafe and drinking the most delicious hot chocolate ever.

We had some dinner at another street cafe before changing for the full moon party at the beach. I decided to make a little bit more effort and put on my little black dress and some eyeliner. We met Tess and Rob at the Sunset bar on the beach where we devoured several Sangsom buckets and took part in several drunken debates, rants and general stupidity whilst watching the fireshow.  After a few hours we got peckish again and itchy feet so we went in search of food and new places to go. We found a burger stall where I had nutella on a pancake which was crispy, cut into little squares and eaten with a toothpick, most bizarre. We wandered around Ton Sai village but couldn’t find anything exciting so we bought some more sangsom and headed back to the beach where we set up a table on the sand near the makeshift dancefloor. The rest of the night continued with drunken antics that included Jimmy taking over the DJ booth, Rob taking over the dancefloor and the girls (me, Kelly and Tess) dancing in the sea.

Overall, a rather fun day and evening.

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