11/11/2008 – A rude awakening

sunset on ko phi phiI had probably passed out the night before, I had drank an inordinate amount and had an awesome time with Tess and Rob.

I was rudely woken by banging on the door of my hotel room. I thought it was probably the terribly rude staff coming to fix the leak in my room. I stumbled across the room groaning and opened the door. Through my bleary eyes I saw a vaguely familiar figure and after several seconds my brain registered that it was Jimmy and Kelly! I jumped and most probably let out a few expletives. What a way to reunite with an old friend? with crazy bed hair, bags under my eyes and stood in my pj’s. Damnit. After a little bit of small talk we arranged to meet in an hour so that I could pull myself together.

We went for lunch at a street cafe in the market and spent a couple of hours catching up and reminiscing. It was lovely to see Jimmy after about 8 years!

We realised that it was, in fact, sunny so we hit the beach for a few hours of sunbathing and swimming in the sea. I have never been in such a gorgeous sea. It was so clear that I could see the seabed beneath my feet and crabs scurrying away as a waded in, and little fish mingling by the rocks. And it was so warm, it was like a bath. The view was stunning, our beach was set in a slight cove with shallow waters. We sat drinking my first sangsom on the beach as the sun was setting. I could feel all the tension slip away, it was bliss.

That evening we met with Tess and Rob for dinner at Papaya and then went to the Reggae bar to watch some Muay Thai. I wouldn’t really have chosen to watch boxing but it was surprisingly exciting to watch and they even had an offer of a free bucket (of booze) for anyone who would have a go at the boxing. They’re wasn’t many volunteers.

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