06/11/2008 – Bangkok: City of Angels

The 20 hour journey was pretty gruelling and after sitting on the runway at Heathrow for an hour I wasn’t sure if I’d make the connecting flight at Mumbai. Luckily they held the plane for us as they were so many people travelling to Bangkok.

I got a one hour taxi ride to my hotel and they let me check in early for free, which was nice. My first impression of Bangkok was intrigue. I noticed small shanty villages amongst modern apartment blocks, tiny street stalls serving hot noodle soup next to fast food restaurant. The traffic was a nightmare, seriously congested and men in orange vests on motorbikes pootling between the traffic with women in short skirts sat side saddle. Apparently these motorbike taxi`s are one of the quickest ways to get around.

As soon as I got to my room I slept. I know I should have sat it out but after close to 24 hours of travelling I was desperate for some shut eye. So my first day was spent sleeping.

In the evening I headed next door to Tesco, yep the first place I went to on my adventure was Tesco, to get a Thai sim card. After that I caught the skytrain to Siam and went in search of food. I got caught by the temptation of clothes shopping and headed into the Siam Paragon which is a shopping centre for designer clothes….mmm…Marc Jacobs…Chloe….

Luckily they had a food court downstairs where I had delicious Pad Thai for less than a quid. They have a great system in there where you go to a counter and give the lady some money and she credits an electronic card. You take this card and can use it at any of the stalls selling food who use it to take the credit. When you have finished your feast you take it back to the counter and they give you the change. How efficient is that?

I spent a few more hours exploring the various shops and shopping centres before heading back to On Nut where my hotel was situated.

Needless to say jet lag kicked in and I spent several hours that night discovering the delights of MTV China.

{sorry, no photos from today as I was so jetlagged. but loads of lovely photos on tomorrow’s post if you click to the next page number below}

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