The UK has a deep history of anarchy and political demonstration. Over time this has been given centre stage on the news and media outlets but never before has a world-famous, “anonymous” artist taken his political angst and put it on show quite as well as Dismaland by Banksy.

Dismaland Bemusement Park

Banksy Dismaland Awesome Wave

The “Bemusement Park” was constructed on a disused and dilapidated lido park area in Weston-Super-Mare, a British seaside town in Somerset visited by over 8 million people a year.

While its place on the seafront might have been a dig at the state of British tourism and carbon-copy high streets as well as the unfortunate fact that previously buzzing places of community have been forgotten and left to wither, Banksy brought over 162,000 people to the area to see his creation, pumping £20m into the local economy.

Dismaland SecurityRefugees by Banksy at Dismalandinside Dismaland

If you don’t know about Banksy, find some info here. A political and artistic hero in Britain, he encapsulated the frustrations of many Brits and people the world over.

Our love of art and experience meant that we waited at 9am in the morning frantically refreshing an internet page to get tickets. Luckily we did and we visited Dismaland before it closed its doors on 27th September.

Mini Gulf DismalandDismal staff at Dismaland

Strewn with clever art and installations and the added “bonus” of dismal staff attendants and security who bent over backwards to do absolutely nothing for you except wish you a terrible day, we immersed ourselves in everything dismal.

Be patient at Dismaland Awesome WaveDismaland Selfie Hole

As you might see in the video (see below), Elizabeth tried her best to be dismal while I absolutely failed, grinning and laughing all the way round. When we were leaving we were almost in stitches after being told to “get lost and go home”. I did win over one lady who was manning the Duck fishing game. She asked me what I was looking at and said that nobody liked me, I replied that my therapist said that too which made her laugh and she had to go hide.

Tattoo Lady DismalandCurfew at Dismaland

Page not found DismalandPrincess Carriage Dismaland

The installation was only open for 6 weeks and we were very lucky enough to visit. The whole bemusement park was perfectly executed, provided plenty of food for thought, and actually offered quite a decent amount of entertainment. We thoroughly enjoyed our day.

Watch the video of our outing to Dismaland here:

And don’t forget to check out the rest of our travel videos over on our YouTube channel here.

11 Responses

  1. Katy

    So jealous you got to go! It seems like it was as dismal as Bankys intended it to be. Gotta love that selfie hole though!

    • Raj

      The place was full of quirky things like that. It was funny but really thought provoking. The most dismal part were the staff!!

  2. Jo

    Hi Raj,

    For those of us like me who didn’t get to go, this blog has really bought Dismaland to life.

    I have seen many pictures of it, but this and accompanying YouTube video have shown me things I hadn’t seen before including what was in the castle.

    Thank you for posting such a great post.


    • Raj

      Hey Jo! Really glad you enjoyed it. One of the reasons I tried so hard to get tickets was because I knew I could video it and share with people :-)

  3. Kezzie

    Hi Raj! Thank you so much for taking this video,I was really sad not to get to see it and this really did provide a great look at what it was like!

    • Raj

      Thanks Kezzie – it was one of those “never again” chances. I was really lucky to get tickets to be honest. I’m just glad I could get some footage for people :-)

    • Raj

      Thanks Annie. It really was a unique vibe.
      Just a note though – it was a temporary installation and isn’t there any more. Many of the structures have been dismantled and taken to the refugee camp in Calais, France. This was one of the reasons we thought it important to get some coverage for our readers :-)

  4. Mandy

    This looks like a fun experience. It’s awesome that you got one lady to laugh when she was suppose to be dismal! I especially love the selfie hole! How perfect for describing the world in which we live in! I wish Dismaland were still open; I’d go. :)


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