21/2/2009 – Night at the Riverside

Despite feeling rather ropey this morning after a few too many Sangsom`s, I was up early to perform my hostel duties.

In the late afternoon the guys and girl`s from the trek came back and after signing all 10 of them back in, assigning them beds and sorting out their linen, I enjoyed catching up with them all on their trip. It was really great to see them all and I had noticed how quiet the hostel was without them.

In the evening we organised a trip to the Riverside Restaurant which has a good reputation in Chiang Mai. There were 22 of us piled into two Songtaews taking us to the other side of town. The restaurant is so popular that it built another one across the road. We were unable to get into the old one and as there were so many of us it took a bit of shifting for all of us to be seated. The food was fantastic, I ordered a Pad Thai and it was one of the best I`ve had on the trip. Wendy and Craig were talking about sharing a bottle of wine, which is kind of a rarity when travelling in South East Asia considering how much it costs. I decided to treat myself and we shared a couple of bottles. It was delicious and it suited the mood of the evening – everyone was in high spirits.

riverside chiang mai

There was a band playing at the front of the restaurant in the bar area, they were pretty good at covering popular Western pop songs. After a few songs we decided to move across the street to the Good View bar where Craig and I shared a bottle of Sangsom as it worked out cheaper than buying singles. However, this meant we drank, a lot.

bar in chiang mai

Back at the hostel everyone hung out for a while, watching films, chatting or just being silly. I suddenly remembered that there was a rooftop terrace at Spicythai that I had not been on yet so I dragged Craig and Wendy up there with Jen and Mark following closely. It was then, in the fresh cool air of 3am that I realised the level of inebriation. After searching for stars and getting Wendy to sing the full Canadian National anthem I made my way to my bunk and fell into a lovely deep sleep.

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