20/2/2009 – Working, Thai BBQ and Bowling

As usual I was up early at 8am to start my working day. It might not sound that bad, in fact you might think that working in a hostel is a doddle but you soon get tired of being the first one up and the last one to bed. At least I can go to work in my pyjamas, which I did, every day. My normal routine would involve rolling out of bed just before 8, lolloping down the stairs to make a cup of tea and chat to the backpackers with their equally bleary eyes. Sometimes we`d get the early train from Bangkok arrivals, so we would have to check them in. And nearly everyday someone was going on a trek so I would have to check them out and get their luggage into the store room. By about 11 the bathrooms would finally be free and most people would have gone out for the day so I would then be able to have a shower and actually get dressed.

At 12, Pong (the housekeeper) would go out on her moped to pick up our lunch and we`d sit around the table in the front garden to eat. Today we had a Chiang Mai speciality but I can`t remember nor pronounce the name. I do remember exactly what it tasted like, and that would be how I imagine heaven to taste like. It was a curry and noodles dish. Yes, you heard right, rather than the standard rice accompaniment to this delicious northern thai curry, they pour it over delicious noodles. The combination of spices used, the texture, the all-round earthy flavour was just wonderful. I could eat that every day.

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That evening we took the backpackers to the Thai BBQ, always a favourite of mine, and now I am a bit of an expert. Afterwards we went to the bowling alley at the shopping centre down the road. I was trying to psyche out the opponents and for some reason Noom didn`t believe I had any bowling skills. Unfortunately my performance at the Laos bowling in Luang Prabang didn`t help my case with Pong being there.  I was actually quite good. I surprised myself with a couple of strikes and despite Noom`s best efforts to sabotage my game by taking my shots for me by running past me before I had a chance to bowl my ball, I came 2nd in all three of my games.

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