17/2/2009 – Swimming, Mexican and Rooftop Reggae

Today I went to the Chiang Mai Hill Hotel with a group of people from Spicythai to enjoy their swimming pool facilities. I had a lovely afternoon making new friends, sunbathing, swimming and eating Pad Thai. The temperature hit about 35 degrees so the cold pool was a welcome relief.

In the evening, I went to a Mexican restaurant with my new friends. We thought it was quite novel to eat Mexican food in Thailand and it certainly came with a Thai influence. But it was equally delicious. The 8 of us shared several jugs of margaritas and sangria and only after stepping outside did I realise that I was a little tipsy. We hailed a taxi to take us to the Rooftop Reggae bar in the city centre. We climbed the precarious metal stairs up to the bar where everyone is seated on cushions on the floor around low tables. By now there were about 12 of us from the hostel having a good time apart from a small fracas that occurred behind me at one point which resulted in a glass being thrown at the wall and covering several of us in liquid. Luckily no-one was hurt.

songtaewtaking photosall at rooftoprooftop reggae bar

The bar was cool but the music was surprisingly not reggae and the DJ insisted on playing techno which didn`t really contribute to the ambiance of the place. Several times we asked him to play reggae and he informed us that Thai people liked this sort of music. We then pointed out that the bar was full of falang. Our requests went unheeded and we left around 1am just as the reggae started up, typical.

Spicy Bar

Next we went to Spicy Bar, which bears no relation to Spicythai. It is more of a dance bar and they were playing fun music. But I felt incredibly uncomfortable in there. It appeared to be another falang bar frequented by ugly Western men and, I guess, desperate Thai women. I say this because I don`t believe these women genuinely found these men attractive. Not only were they not aesthetically pleasing to the eye but their behaviour was deplorable. I watched these girls gyrating against these sleazy men, who wouldn`t get a second glance back home. These men were all over these girls, hands all over them and these girls rarely smiled. It was not nice to watch.

However, I did have fun hanging with the new Spicy Crew; hamming it up on the dance floor.

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