16/2/2009 – A Day in the Spicythai house

I am sleeping in the `hall`, which is essentially the overflow area with two bunk beds. Spicythai is a very popular hostel and is consistently booked up. I would prefer the upstairs 10-bed dorm, its big with air-con and doesn`t smell like toilet as the downstairs one does. But I slept surprisingly well in the hall and the other hostelers didn`t really disturb me which was nice. The temperature is still dropping in the evening as we`re only just coming out of winter so the air-con isn`t really that necessary.

Today I spent reading 1984 by George Orwell. I found it on the bookshelf and it is one of the books I`ve been meaning to read for years. As I am running low on mola, I figured that a non-tourist day was in order. And I do love to absorb myself in a good book.

I had lunch with Pong, Noom, Saow, Yee and the other Pong. It was yummy thai food as usual and I shared lots of sticky rice with Pong. It was then that I noticed that the girls were all eating steamed rice and the guys were eating sticky rice. I wonder if this is of significance or just a preference?

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