27/1/2009 – A quick night in On Nut

To make my early morning start a little easier tomorrow I booked into the Sukhumvit On Nut Guesthouse in Central Bangkok where I met Neil, my travel buddy for Burma. It is the nearest hostel to the airport, given that all places to stay actually by the airport are extortionately priced.

I gathered my things from Adam and Lin`s and made the familiar journey into Bangkok. First I walked for 10 minutes to the gate of the village in the searing heat with two backpacks strapped to my front and back. Once on the main road I hailed a cab which took about half an hour to get to Mo Chit Station. There I boarded the Skytrain to On Nut. On the Skytrain I happened to sit opposite a fellow farang. He struck  up  a conversation with me, referring to my backpacks and we made small talk about my travels. He was a nerdy looking Swiss guy, but nice enough. He was quite interested in my trip to Burma and gave me his card requesting a few photos.

At On Nut station, I followed the directions I had printed off and found the cute little guest-house 200m down a Soi. Not long after I had arrived Neil turned up with Burmese visa in hand so we were all set for our trip.

The guest-house was nice enough. The staff were quite cold, I don`t think I saw them smile once and they didn`t really try to engage in conversation. Furthermore, they seemed keen to make money on every single thing at the hostel, even charging people for Left Luggage, which I have never seen in a backpackers before. The facilities were good though and they served food from their ridiculously extensive menu.

As I was checking in a guy from London struck up conversation with me so after Neil and I had checked-in we sat down for a chat with David. He was lovely guy who, like myself and Neil, had had enough of London and our jobs and packed it in to come to  Southeast Asia. He had been in Thailand for 15 months working as an English teacher at the community centre attached to the hostel. On his recommendation and also due to our laziness, we ordered food at the hostel. I had one of the spiciest Mussaman Curries ever, it was nice enough, but too much chilli which is kind of risky to eat the day before a flight!

After eating, Neil made the excellent suggestion of walking to Tesco Lotus to buy a bottle of wine to celebrate the start of our trip. The road was still pretty busy from rush hour and it was bizarre to walk back into the same store that was the first destination I visited on arrival in Bangkok last November.

Back at the hostel we were cheeky enough to ask them to store our wine in the fridge whilst we checked our emails, thinking it might be the last time for a while. They didn`t seem too keen but obliged nevertheless.

Also borrowing glasses, we drank our wine and chatted to several backpackers hanging out in the foyer area. Finishing the wine too early on, we decided to treat ourselves to a quick glass of Samsong which we were clever enough to buy for our Burma trip. I only had one glass, as feeling slightly tipsy I felt I should get some kip before our 5am start.

I had one of the worst night`s sleep I`ve had in a long time. I was put in the girls only dorm due to an over-booking which was fine. It was only 2 bunk beds and really spacious room. But there was only one small ceiling fan which only seemed to cool down the area directly below it. So I was boiling hot and sticky to start with. Just when I was dropping off to sleep, some guy from the hostel wanders in turning the light on and talking unreasonably loudly to a new backpacker. It was gone Midnight and I consider that to be quite rude when two people are clearly sleeping. Not long after, when I was lulling into a gentle doze, another girl comes into the room. This one decided to watch her portable DVD player so all of the room was lit up and flashing along with her film. So bloody rude. By this point I was getting quite agitated, knowing that I only had a couple more hours before I would be getting up again. So needless to say I was little cranky when I woke up, but thankfully I did so on time.

(next stop … Burma).

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