25/1/2009 – Domestic day

It was almost like a typical Sunday back in the UK. I slept in and lolloped about the house. Lin and Adam were out when I got up, so I did some emails and played on the Internet and then read some of my guidebook on Burma. When Lin came back I went to Tesco with her. It is such a weird novelty to go to a Thai Tesco. It`s not really that different, except that there is a whole aisle just of soy sauce. There are so many different kinds. Plus, the meat counter is out in the open and is more of a self-serve buffet where you scoop meat from the large trays into bags. Other than that, they had the same clothing section, toiletries section, freezer section, etc.


On the way back we stopped at a boat restaurant on the river where we met Adam and an old colleague of his called Dave. I had a delicious Pad Thai and it was a huge portion for 50 baht.

boat restaurant

Wanting to get my head round my itinerary for Burma, I headed back to the house with Lin and started typing up the itinerary. Its the most organised I have been all trip, but I think this is necessary in order for me to make the most of time in Burma. I am really excited.

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