22/01/2009 – Day at a Thai school and Thai BBQ

Today Lin took me to the school where she works as a Director. It is a private school where half the school learn their subjects in English. It is a new school, built quite recently and resembles the Magic Kingdom in Disneyland. I guess if you create an environment that kids like the look of they might enjoy coming to school?

It was fascinating to visit the classes and observe the children. They were absolutely adorable. Lin made them say hello to me in English and in unison they said “Goooooood Moooorrrrrrninnnnng Teeeeeeacheeeerrrrr Erisabet”. I spent the whole day smiling. It was a lovely atmosphere at the school and I even got offered a job! Teaching primary school children English wouldn`t be the worst job in the world.

In the afternoon I got a call from Neil who has agreed to come to Burma with me, so I`m really excited to have a friend to share it with and a travel buddy to keep me company. I`m not sure if there`s a backpacker `scene` in Burma so I imagined that it could get a bit lonely if I don`t meet anyone for 2 weeks. Neil is currently in Ko Chang, an island off the East coast of Thailand so I need to wait for him to get to Bangkok and sort out his visa.

I spent the afternoon researching an itinerary for Burma as I`ll want to maximise the short time I have there. It looks beautiful.


During a conversation at lunchtime in the school cafeteria I mentioned how much I enjoyed Thai BBQ or as I found out is actually called Moogata (not the correct spelling but phonetic). So for dinner Adam, Lin, Meow (one of Lin`s colleagues [looking for a farang boyfriend if you`re interested]) and I went to the local Moogata for  yummy dinner and what was a balmy evening. Unlike the one in Chiang Mai, this was quite small scale but equally exciting and delicious. We enjoyed good conversation as we cooked our meat and vegetables – I took a particular liking to the marinated pork. For only 80 baht and as much as you can eat, you can`t go too wrong.

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