12/1/2009 – Home alone and Thai food

Everyone was out today at work and friend’s houses. So I spent the day sweating it out by the pool, reading my travel books, soaking in the pool, making and eating guacamole, and looking for flights to Asia. Eventually I made a decision, I am flying to Singapore on Thursday. I found a cheap flight from Brisbane and from there I can make way up to Cambodia.

About 4ish Nikkers came over and unfortunately had to watch my stress over the flight bookings that wouldn`t go through and then Georgina came home not long after.

Georgina, Nikkers and I grabbed some booze from the fridge and Auntie Tracy dropped us off at the bus stop. Being sneaky I used Georgina`s concessions ticket and she bought a new one, so I only paid 2.40 for a ticket. We changed buses at Maroochydore plaza and ended up at the Wharf in Mooloolaba.

with the girls 480 By this time we were all starving and super excited about our Thai food. We had a lovely evening sat outside the Thai place, eating good food, drinking booze and having lots of girly conversation.483

We were fortunate enough to get back to the Plaza where we were waiting for our second bus back towards Bli Bli, the bus driver that had just dropped us off offered to give us a lift as he was heading back the way to the depot, so we got our own personal bus ride up the road and enjoyed a chat with the Swedish-now-Australian bus driver. Dropped off at the petrol station at the end of the road where I got eaten by ants or something, we waited for our taxi to drive us the last kilometre or so up Diddilibah Road.

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