11/1/2009 – BBQ Breakfast

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This morning was hot, and as Uncle David, Auntie Tracy, Matty and I made our way to Mooloolaba we were melting into the leather seats of the Beetle. Luckily we managed to nab a parking space right next to the beach which was packed with people. The sun was out after what was a particularly stormy night, and this morning we were greeted with King Tides. I`d never heard of this phenomenon before but it’s when the tide is at its highest on the East Coast. And sure enough the Maroochy river was over-flowing onto the footpaths and the sea was right up onto the beaches. I now realise what was causing the painful headaches the night before.

So, we dragged the Esky along to the picnic area and set up for our bacon and egg breakfast cooked on the BBQ. It never ceases to amuse me how these picnic areas and BBQs are dotted all over the place. I think they`re brill.

After a yummy brekkie and a lazy morning by the beach we made our way home where we enjoyed the cooling luxury of the pool followed by the culinary luxury of Sunday Roast dinner.

I had spent most of the afternoon on the internet researching travelling options. I`m kind of done with Australia for now and desperate to get back to Asia. I would love to go to Sydney, the Great Barrier Reef, Ayres Rock etc. but it is just so much more expensive here in Oz that I just can`t do it.

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