6/1/2009 – Second day in Brisbane


I awoke to the familiar sensation of the sun blaring through my eyelids. It`s almost like the sun is determined to hunt me down wherever I am sleeping and demand I wake at some ungodly hour. Despite there being curtains in the dorm room, my face happened to be positioned in the exact position where a small beam of sunlight had snuck through a gap in them. I tried to roll over, hide my face and drift off back into a deep slumber but the rickety metal bunk bed was noisy and wobbly so that every time I shifted a millimetre to try and get comfy it disturbed me and the girl above me. I must have woken her as well because not long after she noisily moved about the dorm and then took the longest shower ever taken, probably.


I figured it was a good idea to get up and about early, so I packed and checked out of the hostel and wandered into the main city centre. It was quite a walk but I thought I`d enjoy the exercise and it would be a better way to get a feel for the city. I walked past the Central train station and up Queen Street, surpassing the opportunity to have breakfast at the numerous cafes, deciding that an early worm catches the best art work at the Gallery of Modern Art. However when I got there I was 45 minutes early, so I dawdled back along the South Bank in search of a cafe. South Bank in Brisbane is not so inundated with cafes as London`s but I did eventually find a place where I ordered a Bacon and Egg burger which is in fact a bacon and egg sandwich but the crazy Australians give strange names to stuff.


I went back to the Gallery of Modern Art because I enjoyed the Contemporary Australia: Optimism exhibition so much and I wanted to see the rest of the gallery`s collection. I was thoroughly engrossed in the art, spending over 2 hours there. It would take too long to describe my favourite works but overall I left feeling inspired and driven. It`s amazing what a lift the creativity of others can give you.

botanical gardens

After the gallery I walked back across the bridge and down to the Botanical Gardens. The temperature was seriously rising by this point and walking around a city in this heat is pretty exhausting. The gardens are beautiful and date back to a time when the first settlers came to Brisbane and started experimenting with growing crops on this site to provide food to the penal colony nearby. I spent some time walking around and writing in my journal, chatting to a rather large lizard sat on a nearby rock who was pretending to be camouflaged, but I was onto him. I then ended up walking the wrong way and took a long walk back to Queen`s Street. It was searing hot by now. I spent the rest of my afternoon, wandering the streets and generally enjoying the city buzz before catching the train back to Nambour.

That evening Uncle David cooked us a huge feast for dinner including Lobster and Prawns. I have never been a particularly sea-foodie person, but I tried my first lobster and it was pretty good. The prawns here are just fantastic. Just a standard Tuesday night in the Lindley household…

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